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Episode 097

Starting a Cleaning Company: Episode 097: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 097 – Start a Cleaning Company

Start a Cleaning Company
In today’s episode Mike coaches Melika Anne from Melika’s Supreme Cleaning on how to start a cleaning business.

Melika started her own cleaning company 2 months ago and so far has 1 employee and 2 customers and just like all new entrepreneurs, would like to explode her business as fast as she can.
First things first let’s set the ground rules to starting a cleaning company.
You need to be able to differentiate between “getting your name out there’ and getting more customers.
There is often a lot of confusion around “marketing”.

It would be easy to assume that getting as many people to know your name would be the best use of your time and money but in reality it’s the exact opposite.
BONUS TIP: It doesn’t matter how many people know your name if you aren’t getting any of them as your customers.
What you really want are customers that want your specific service and they want it now.
Once you have the right mindset when it comes to marketing your company, then you need to ask about how many customers you want and what sort of customers you want.
Melika said she serves residential or commercial but that is too broad of a customer base.
BONUS TIP: When you say residential or commercial that means you will clean anything.

If everybody is your customer then no body is your customer.
It’s really hard for people to identify they are in the right spot for their specific needs if you do everything.
You have to be a lot tighter and clear on who you want to serve before you can start growing.
The first encouragement is to niche down and really pick who you want to serve.
BONUS TIP: If you serve everyone it’s hard for your customers to give you referrals.
The Second thing is to get a realistic goal and plan – your goal has to match your plan
If your goal isn’t in line with where you are it isn’t reachable and you will get discouraged!
Pick a niche that you like and then become an expert in that niche.
Find out what they like, what they worry about, what their hopes and dreams are and what keeps them up at night.
The benefit to picking a niche is that if you really do want to “get your name out there” that is much more tenable to market to that niche with a start up budget.
When you can tell people I serve x people with specialized services for their specific needs, there’s an immediate boost in your value to people that fit that criteria.
Then those customers are much more likely to refer you to other people like them.
Once you’ve selected your niche, get a list of those people in your area.
Then make a plan to a reach out to all those people and offer your services.

Melika shares the love in the Lightning round
Don’t make your expectations higher than what you can give back
Pricing, pricing, pricing
Communicate with your clientele

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