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Episode 920

Start Your Cleaning Business on the Right Foot: Episode 920


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ep 920
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Episode 920 – Start Your Cleaning Business on the Right Foot

Mike’s discussion with Joe Crews focuses around the process of buying a cleaning business in Florida. They talk about Joe’s experience and his pre-purchase thoughts and feelings. Joe expresses his excitement about having the opportunity to run a business and make decisions himself, as he had previously been in corporate America and felt limited in terms of decision making. He also mentions the recurring revenue nature of the cleaning business as a major attraction.

Joe admits that the reality of running a cleaning business was different from what he initially thought. He explains that he thought he could make big changes right away. However, he quickly realized that the cleaning business world is built on relationships and requires a lot of effort and skill in marketing. He says that growth in this industry is made through small incremental gains, rather than big overnight changes.

Mike and Joe emphasize the importance of due diligence, and understanding everything about the business and its numbers as much as possible. Even if there are still knowledge gaps, it’s better to have a strong foundation before making any decisions. It’s important to keep in mind that the skills required to run a small business may be different from what you learn in school or experience in previous jobs.

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