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Episode 446

Special Case Study With Krystal Denham : Episode 446 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 446 – Special Case Study With Krystal Denham

Today Nathalie is hosting this special case study episode with Krystal Denham, she is one of the clean profit methods graduates. She knew that she didn’t have the systems that she desired in place, and when she went looking around for help, she ran into cleaning nation and decided to take charge of her company and her role as owner. 

Nathalie: “What were you doing before you found us, what made you start looking for help?”

Krystal: “I actually have a background of sales, and had never owned a company before, it was a dream of mine to work for myself, and own a company and really be the person behind everything- actually running the business. Because I didn’t have the business background, I needed some help and some guidance and I wanted to learn from the best in the industry. Hands down, there is no doubt in my mind that coming to this program gave me exactly what I needed to go out and be fruitful in my cleaning company.

Nathalie: “Interesting, so without the cleaning background, what made you want to start off jumping into the cleaning business?”

Krystal: “So it was a few things. I moved to a town where my now husband and I live, and in doing so we got married and he told me that it would be best If I figured out how I could ‘sell myself”. I had been in the selling business for 15 years and had sold everything from grocery bags to funerals, and I knew that branding and selling myself and my company was going to be a challenge starting out, but I am always up for a challenge, and usually when I set out to do something I’m going to do it, and I knew that cleaning companies had small overhead, and it is something that I like. I like to get in a zone and leave a place better than how I found it, and being able to pour that into cleaning and making money doing it seemed like the perfect thing to do. I also have five children, and being present as a mom is super important to me and I just didn’t see a way to be present in both the parental and business world without starting my own thing. 

Nathalie: “It’s amazing that you were available to identify that you needed to do your own thing, and that you needed the help of someone who has gone through those experiences, and have already spent the time, energy and effort and thousands of dollars and hours doing it wrong to just knock it out and do it right.”
“How long after you started did you find us? Had you tried other things, or did you just know from the get go that you needed someone with more experience? 

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Krystal: “I started in November of 2018, and reached out to you in March, and most of my business by that time had come in through word of mouth, and I had done just a little bit of marketing myself, and it was going well but being the greedy young entrepreneur that I was I wanted more. I needed to know how to build the systems, and grow while maintaining control of my company without going too crazy, and I needed to know how to track everything. I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a tech guru or a numbers person, but with the training I realized that I could do anything. It wasn’t necessarily even the training, but more getting the tasks with the know how behind becoming more of a numbers ad tech person. It gave me the confidence I needed to go out of my box and push the limits of what I could provide. 

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