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Episode 422

Special Case Study With George Edward Parks, Owner of PCS Services : 422 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 422 – Special Case Study With George Edward Parks, Owner of PCS Services

Today Mike is back with a special case study with George Edward Parks, owner of PCS Services! Let’s jump right in!

What steps did you go through before trying the clean profit method?

“I’ll tell you Mike, I was on my last straw. I was so exhausted. I had been in business for quite some time, and some of the biggest challenges that I was experiencing was that, you know, you want to grow your business so you’ll start to put up with anything. Clients not paying on time, the frustration of dealing with bad employees, I was spending 60+ hours a week working in the business, and I wanted to spend more time with the family. I got to the point where I was second guessing everything I was doing.”

“Eventually I hit a rock bottom. I had tried some different consultants that made different promises that they would do this or that, and I got 0 return. When you’re trying to do everything by yourself, and you start looking at someone for help, you’re really trusting them with your baby. It was actually when I decided to step away from my business and kind of take a knee that I came across you on my timeline, and I just wanted to hear what you had to say. I had gone through some buyer’s remorse, but for some reason everything that you said related to me.”

What do you think was different that started to get you results now?

“I think a lot of the systems and processes that you spoke about helped a lot. The one thing that really changed was I had to stop working in my business and work on it. Like I said I was spending 60+ hours a week cleaning, and I wasn’t able to do much outside of that. I remember the first time we spoke, I told you about some of my customers that weren’t paying and you told me to fire them, and I was like whoa, hold up! And I actually did it. I remember writing them a letter and it felt so good. I felt like I was stuck, but hey at the end of the day- I quit.

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What was the next biggest idea that started to get you results?

“The next biggest thing was getting rid of some of the people- you know It started when I started to implement things like core values. Once I implemented that into the system, I took a look and realized that I had some employees that didn’t fit that. I ended up getting rid of a lot of people.

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What advice would you give to someone who was stuck in your same predicament?

“For me, the biggest part was falling back in love with my business and remembering why I do this. I want to leave a legacy for my kids, and so you I either have to fight through it or give it up and I decided I had to fight through it. You know now I actually have time to spend with my family and I couldn’t be happier.

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