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Episode 837

Skills to Help You Get Back Control of Your Business: Episode 837


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Episode 837 – Skills to Help You Get Back Control of Your Business: Episode 837

Today on the podcast, we have one of our newest next-level members here with Mike. Anthony DiBicarro started Magic Clean in January 2020. He began as a property manager and combined cleaning with that position. Eventually, he was able to make that his full-time job but it was really challenging. It was starting a family that made things come to a head for him and he had to ask himself how he was going to juggle all this at once. That allowed him to really look at how things were going and take action to take back the control and work on his own terms.

How it’s Going

Anthony is only a couple of months into the program, so things are changing but they aren’t all the way where he wants them. But he has worked it out with his finance that he gets to stay home with their baby while she works during the day, and then he works and manages his employees in the evening and at night. It was important to him when he started to make these changes that he could be with his baby more often. This change in schedule has allowed him to be in control of his schedule and move around his time so that they can spend more time together.

Increase in Confidence

Another huge change Anthony has had is a change in confidence that has allowed him to raise his prices without fear. As he realized that he was trying to provide the best service possible and that he needed to be able to make a fair wage to continue on, his mindset started to change around asking for more money from his clients. And he realized that if they said no and discontinued services, that was ok because he was approaching it from a place of sincerity and abundance that allowed him to have confidence that he would find more clients who were a better fit.

Find the Right Recipe

If you want to cook yourself dinner to avoid the headache of going out and save money, you open up a cookbook and find a recipe for something you want to cook so it turns out. Anthony has learned that the same goes for wanting to improve your business. You have to find the recipe from someone who has done it well a few times and then do what they did. If you don’t have a recipe, it’s going to be difficult to get the result that you want. 

Final Takeaway: If you want to learn how to create a better version of your business, look to someone who has done it before so you aren’t walking into the dark. 

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