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Episode 525

Should Your Cleaning Company "Wait & See" During COVID? (w/ Special Guest Hosts!) Episode 525: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 525
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Episode 525 – Should Your Cleaning Company “Wait & See” during COVID?

Just as I was about to go live on FB… They ambushed me, put duct tape over my mouth, and threw me in the closet!

WHO? You might be asking…Lindsay, my amazing operations manager, and Tracey, my chief copywriter/marketing expert!!

They took over my FB LIVE – and ROCKED IT out of the park. Here’s what they dive into and some bullet points of what they covered in this episode! – Mike

The problem and what some business owners are doing:

The problem is we are in a situation new to the world and we don’t know what to do so many owners are taking a “wait & see” attitude. Owners with vision see this as THE opportunity of a lifetime to double down on advertising and for scooping up the gold plated talent that’s out there right NOW.

False Belief: The wise thing to do is to hunker down.

When everyone is selling- YOU BUY!! Crazy times are when fortunes are made!

False Belief: I can’t make any decisions until I see how this is going to play out.

“Not making a decision” IS MAKING a decision and it is the WORST decision.

False Belief: I need more information.

You need more commitment to your dream and your community.

False Belief: I can wait this out.

You WILL get left behind.

False Belief: I can’t invest right now.

You can’t invest in things with a negative ROI right now (or ever).

False Belief: I’ll sort this out when everything is over.

NOW is the time to double down on systems & processes.

False Belief: No one is succeeding right now.

TONS of residential AND commercial are kicking butt and taking names.

False Belief: It will be better later.

Your competitors are going to use that belief to CRUSH YOU.

False Belief: It's best to wait.

6 months from now “you” wants to KILL current you who is sinking his/ her business.

Get this right while your competitors “wait and see” and it’s going to be near impossible for them to catch up.

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