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Episode 503

Should You Work with a Coach or Mentor?: Episode 503: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 503 – Do You Need to Hire a Coach for Your Cleaning Company?

Here you are – you’re stuck and know you need help, but you are afraid to get scammed or burned (again?) with some crappy coach! At a minimum, you could waste time & money BUT at a maximum, your dream and your legacy! Let’s explore some beliefs about coaches we have that just might not be true at all.

False Belief: All successful people are good coaches.

People can be successful, but not be able to transmit that success and teach the how to’s. You need someone who has done what you want to do AND helped many others do the same. For this episode, we are assuming you are working with a GOOD coach! Just think of it this way – you wouldn’t want a marriage counselor who’s been divorced six times or a fat personal trainer!

False Belief: The best way to learn is to make more mistakes.

This is soooo close to the truth but not dead on! The best way to learn is to be constantly improving mistakes while you constantly improve your response to mistakes. You also need to have distinctions drawn from those mistakes. Make faster mistakes when possible too!

False Belief: The reasons I’ve failed in coaching before is the coach sucked.

That said, that’s a disempowering position. We want to make sure we OWN our side of the street. The coach needs to have good information, tell experience, and then pass that info on. So many people don’t EXECUTE what the coach is doing or recommending.

Here’s a little story to help break down this concept: An old wise man is sitting at a crossroads. A traveler comes to the crossroads trying to decide to go to the town on the left or the town on the right. He asks the old man “Do you know the town on the left? How are the people?” The old man responds with “First tell me, how were people in town you came from? The traveler responds “Oh they were terrible, rotten people!” The old man responds I’m sorry you’re going to find the same type of people in the town on the left. Discouraged, the traveler moves on to the town on the right. Now a second traveler approaches the old man and asks the same exact question about the town on the left and the wise man gives the same response asking traveler number two about the town he came from. Traveler two responds with “Oh, the people in the town I came from were amazing and best people in the world!” The old man responds “Well you’ll be happy to know that the people in the town to left are amazing as well!” The second traveler proceeds to the town on the left. Moral of the story: it’s the attitude WE bring to the relationship with the coach!

False Belief : When I pay a coach, I get to ask questions.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you pay a coach, you get to “skip ahead” to where he/ she is. Any successful person can start over with nothing and grow fast. Once you have a coach you can start where you are with his/ her skills and grow like he/ she would if they started over. My first million dollar business took me 15 years. My second earned $4.3M in 18 months!

False: If I just had the right systems, I would succeed.

Systems are AMAZING, but you have to BE the person you need to BE to lead the team that runs those systems. If you put the wrong person in the right systems, the business will still fail. We have to grow US as people first, then with the right systems & processes you will really grow!

False: If I just had the right mindset, I would succeed.

Mindset is HUGE and an absolute MUST, but without the right map to follow, you will still get lost. You will be happier lost, but still lost.

False: I don’t have any money, so I can’t afford coaching.

The reality is you don’t have any money because you chose not to invest in yourself. Think of a fire: you gotta put the wood in first to the get the heat! Once you are ok with learning from others’ mistakes, the world is your oyster. The easiest thing to do is to innovate off of what someone else has done. You don’t have to start from scratch, you can start where your coach is!

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