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Episode 530

Should You Hire an Advertising Company to Grow Your Cleaning Company? Episode 530: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episoe 530
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Episode 530 – Should You Hire an Advertising Company to Grow Your Cleaning Company?

Cleaning Nation! Today we’re going to dive into a common problem: you need sales for your cleaning company, but you don’t have time to do it well and/ or you just don’t like it or aren’t good at it.

 When you don’t have an automated system to bring clients to you:

  • YOU do it all out sometimes and not at all other times
  • You have no control over the growth of your business
  • You bid too low and put up with slow pay or no pay because you are afraid to lose anyone
  • You keep bad customers you should raise prices on or just fire

False Belief: I can sub this out to someone.

You have VERY few jobs you can’t sub out and building a client attraction system is one of them. Building employee and client attraction systems, watching the money, creating culture and casting a vision are YOUR job. CERTAINLY before the $10M mark and likely thereafter too.

False Belief: I have to waste a bunch of money to advertise.

The truth is:

  • We are small companies. We don’t do “get our name out there” marketing. We do direct response marketing. 
  • We MEASURE what we invest and what comes back so we don’t waste our money. We invest it!

False Belief: I shouldn’t spend money on advertising. Repeat and referral/ free stuff is the way to go.

The reality is this: It’s not who spends the LEAST to acquire a customer, it’s who spends the most!

  • Want to compete with me if I understand I can spend $500 to get a customer and you are spending nothing?
  • If every dollar you spent on marketing brought back $10- how much would you spend?
  • I used to love when people would do stuff for free. Now I hate it. I can’t “make them” help me. For example:  My brother  in law is a landscaper and offered to help with my backyard for free. I understand however, that he has other projects that are paying him to do the work. He helps them first as those are his priority (and should be!) and then he’ll help me when he has extra time. In reality, if I really want the work done faster, it would be better for me to pay him (or another landscaper) to get the work done 🙂

False Belief: I need to hire someone to “get my name out there.”

Here’s the truth, Cleaning Nation:

  • Marketing companies LOVE you to pay them to “get your name out there” by doing SEO, building websites, putting your name on billboards. However, almost NONE of these approaches guarantee results.
  • Even PPC (pay per click) only guarantees the click- that’s the easy part. Send those clicks to a “call now for a free estimate” and you just wasted your money!
  •  YOU need to make sure that click converts! To do this, you need an entire funnel set up before you direct traffic towards it. 

False Belief: I’m in the cleaning business.

Here’s the rough truth: the cleaning business pays poorly. The client attraction business pays well. That’s why franchises take all of the profit as do advertising companies that actually bring you leads!

Once you get this ONE system built- your company can grow almost on autopilot. Your competitors DON’T have it down (they think they are in the cleaning business). This is a skill that will make you rich for the rest of your life no matter what business you are in. Watch the valuation of your company when you install THIS one system!!

Extra note from the episode:

Spencer featured in the local news here.

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