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Episode 1049

Should You Ditch Door-to-Door Marketing for Your Cleaning Company?: Episode 1049


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Episode 1049 – Should You Ditch Door-to-Door Marketing for Your Cleaning Company?


In this insightful coaching session, Mike Campion delves into the world of door-to-door sales for cleaning companies. Addressing a crucial question on effective strategies for residential areas with ideal clients, Mike shares valuable tips to transform your approach.

Creating a Strategic Marketing System:

Mike emphasizes the inefficiency of traditional door-to-door sales and instead advocates for the creation of a robust marketing system. He suggests generating leads by getting people to express interest rather than cold calling. By employing methods like door hangers, local service ads, and telemarketing, companies can ensure potential clients are actively seeking their services.

Targeting Ideal Clients with Door Hangers:

For residential areas, Mike recommends strategic placement of door hangers in locations where ideal clients reside. He stresses the importance of specificity, suggesting that cleaning companies focus on selected neighborhoods and tailor their marketing plan accordingly. The key is to create a door hanger campaign with a clear offer, generating leads from areas with a high concentration of potential clients.

Choosing Between Residential and Commercial Focus:

Mike advises cleaning company owners to decide whether they want to concentrate on residential or commercial clients. He encourages them to pick a niche and develop a marketing plan aligned with their chosen focus. By following a well-defined plan, businesses can avoid the pitfalls of random door knocking and ensure a systematic approach to client acquisition.

Building a Repeatable and Scalable Business:

Mike stresses the importance of becoming repeatable and scalable business owners. He warns against falling for the allure of various marketing strategies without a clear plan. By tracking results, analyzing data, and maintaining a methodical approach, cleaning companies can achieve positive ROI and build a sustainable business model.

Optimizing Call Handling with Answering Services:

During the coaching session, Axel raised a pertinent question about handling calls, particularly in the context of Local Service Ads (LSAs). Mike Campion offered valuable insights into using answering services to efficiently manage calls, especially for cleaning businesses with busy owners. Mike suggested distinguishing between residential and commercial needs when deciding on an answering service. For residential, where speed in responding is crucial, he recommended investing in a reliable service. In contrast, for commercial clients, Mike emphasized the feasibility of using answering services to gather initial information, allowing owners to follow up when available. The podcast underscores the importance of leveraging technology and external services to streamline communication, ensuring that potential clients receive prompt and professional responses even during non-business hours or when business owners are occupied with other commitments.
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