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Episode 1062

Should You Change Your Cleaning Market as Economics Shift? (and more of your burning questions!): Episode 1062


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Episode 1062 – Should You Change Your Cleaning Market as Economics Shift? (and more of your burning questions!)

Hey, Cleaning Nation! Welcome to 2024! If you want this year to be even better than the last, you’re in the right place. Mike Campion and the team are here to help you navigate the challenges of running a cleaning company. Every week, they go live to answer your questions, so feel free to submit them at or join live and jump in the mix with Mike and Lindsay.

Setting the Stage:

Mike kicks off the podcast, ready to tackle the audience’s questions. The theme for today? What specifically are you feeling stuck on in your cleaning company? The team received numerous emails and Facebook comments, and Mike is ready to dive into the best ones.

Dealing with Bid Submissions:

A cleaning company owner, Shanna, submitted a bid via email for a significant contract. The decision maker insisted on email submissions, contrary to Mike’s advice. Shanna wonders how to follow up after the submission. Mike emphasizes the importance of being a consultant, not just a salesperson. He advises setting better ground rules for the relationship and not compromising your expertise.

The Doctor Frame:

Lindsay adds a valuable point about the “doctor frame” Mike often uses. Comparing the cleaning bid process to a doctor visit, Mike highlights the need for clarity on the problem and the solution, rather than just throwing numbers around.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency:

Porchlight seeks advice on optimizing operational efficiency and streamlining processes for enhanced productivity and client satisfaction. Mike stresses the importance of asking specific questions to define the desired outcome. Clarity on goals helps in tailoring solutions that address the real challenges.

Quick Tips for Commercial Transition:

A listener named Mimmo expresses frustration with the domestic cleaning market in Melbourne due to rising interest rates. Mike challenges the decision to switch to commercial cleaning solely based on external factors. He suggests exploring niche markets within residential cleaning rather than abandoning the entire sector.

Switching to Commercial Cleaning and SEO:

Mimmo also faces challenges in transitioning from residential to commercial cleaning. Mike advises starting fresh with a new online presence, considering SEO implications. He emphasizes the importance of niche markets and tailoring your identity to your target audience.

Short and Sweet Rapid Fire:

In a rapid-fire round, Mike answers questions about standing out from the competition, raising prices in response to minimum wage increases, managing remote cleaners, and ethical practices to prevent employee-client poaching. The key takeaway is to hire the right people with a values match, as contracts alone won’t ensure ethical behavior

Closing Thoughts:

As the podcast wraps up, Mike encourages Cleaning Nation to explore the free resources on and join the Facebook group for live interactions. The team is committed to helping cleaning company owners overcome challenges and achieve success in 2024.
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