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Episode 250

Should You Accept Work that Falls Outside Your Chosen Niche?: Episode 250: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 250 – Should You Accept Work Outside Your Niche?

Today we’re speaking with Sid Kosatky from Soapy Cleaning.

A common issue cleaning entrepreneurs face is hiring too many cleaners for too few jobs. This is especially true in the case for Sid where his niche market is a seasonal one. While AirBnbs can be an amazing niche providing multiple cleans per month, if the AirBnb in your area is a seasonal one, then you’ll eventually come to the problem of too many employees and not enough jobs.

You don’t want to just get rid of the cleaners. After all, a lot of these employees are now trained professionals and you don’t want to lose out on their talent.

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One knee-jerk reaction is to start taking scraps to fill their time. We’re all entrepreneurs, and because of that we sometimes get caught up seeing every possible job as an opportunity. The problem with seeing everything as an opportunity is that it means nothing is really an opportunity. You don’t want to build a company off scraps making $500k in revenue that ultimately creates zero net profit that forces you to work 80 hour weeks for years on in… do you?

I didn’t think so.

What Sid needs to do (and all of you Cleaning Nation) is to use the high times with his AirBnb business to start hunting for other recurring revenue contracts. Don’t focus on move outs, they’re too random and don’t focus on random one off niches because you’ll need to keep relearning each client.

You want HIGH lifetime value. Move outs and one off clients are not high lifetime value.

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Focus on recurring revenue, and if your current niche is in a highly seasonal niche then during your high season you need to ramp up your marketing game towards the niche you want to serve during the off season to make sure you have the contracts to go around.

Remember, don’t take the scraps. Really think with the “End in Mind”. What kind of company are you really building here? Are you building yourself an 85 hour work week or a 4 hour work week? Are you building a profitless engine or a profit producing machine?

If it’s the latter, always think about lifetime value. The higher the lifetime value of your jobs, the more work you’ll have for your cleaners because you can DIAL it in and really scale that niche once you have the blueprint nailed.

Lightning Round

Check out Sid’’s answers below:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t listen to other people saying you’re going to lose all your money. It is just little investment to get started and it can pay you dividends that can rival going to a business school.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

No cleaning contract is worth alienating friends and family. Don’t take a contract that might cross those boundaries.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

You should network from the beginning. Don’t be afraid thinking you have no value to offer. You do. Networking can be a huge jumpstart in growing and exploding your business.
Thanks for reading and listening Cleaning Nation, back to you!

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