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Episode 928

Should I take on Residential & Commercial Clients? Episode 928


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ep 928
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Episode 928 – Should I take on Residential & Commercial Clients?

Mike and Kristen discuss the transition from residential cleaning to commercial cleaning. Mike asks why she wants to make this switch, as he believes that oftentimes people believe that commercial cleaning is the magic solution to growth, which is not necessarily true. Kristen explains that she was approached by two of her residential clients to service their businesses. She is considering adding commercial cleaning services to her business to meet this demand.

Mike stresses that adding commercial services to a residential business model will not necessarily lead to growth. He recommends that Kristen thinks carefully about why she wants to make this switch and ensure that she has a solid business plan in place before doing so. They discuss the differences between residential and commercial cleaning and how to schedule staff for both types of cleaning.

Overall, this episode emphasizes the importance of having a clear business plan before making any major changes to a business. It also highlights the fact that commercial cleaning is not a guaranteed solution to growth and that business owners should carefully evaluate the potential benefits and challenges before making any significant changes.

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