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Episode 854

Shifting Your Mindset From Owner to Shareholder and Why it Matters: Episode 854


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Episode 854 – Shifting Your Mindset From Owner to Shareholder and Why it Matters: Episode 854

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey Thompson, our excellent mindset coach, and Lindsay Bjorklund, our fantastic client happiness manager, here to discuss a new subject- owner/operator mindset vs shareholder mindset. You may not think of yourself as a shareholder in your business, but you most definitely are one. Today, Tracey chats about why it’s important to understand the difference between both and how you can leverage this understanding and shift in mindset. This is what sets apart thriving, expanding businesses and a mom a pop service company. If you’re ready to do more than put out constant fires, this is the episode for you.

Owner/Operator vs Stakeholder

If you are an owner/operator, you are still very involved in growing your business from the inside out. You might be at the beginning stages of your business where you are doing a lot of the day-to-day things- maybe you’re even still cleaning. Or you may be a little farther along in but are still the go-to person for your employees, Maybe doing things like scheduling and running supplies to people. Basically, if you are still involved in the day-to-day operations of your business, you are an owner-operator. If you are a stakeholder, that means that you are truly an owner that influences the direction of the company. You help make major decisions and direct the culture and direction that the business is going. To be a shareholder equals freedom. You are no longer the single point of failure.

Stakeholders Use Efficiency as a Hallmark of Their Position

Lots of times, we focus on increasing productivity. Productivity means we get more done in the same amount of time. Stakeholders focus on efficiency. Efficiency is doing MORE in LESS time. So, an efficient invention was the dishwasher. It took a task that required a human being, and not only did it do it faster than a human, but it also did it in less time and the human was freed up to do something else with that time. The goal is to have higher output with less energy. When you are always trying to get more productive, as an owner, it is all up to you and putting more hours in to get more done. But that mindset has to shift, otherwise, the systems you’re building aren’t scalable.

Making a Mindset Shift to Stakeholder

Continuing to do everything yourself isn’t scalable. It is how you run yourself into the ground without ever really getting your business off the ground because you’re constantly creating new jobs for yourself. And oftentimes, people are drowning in so much business that they can’t take the time to stop and create systems that would take some of the load off their shoulders. To do this, you have to decide that you are there to create jobs not to do jobs, and really stay true to that. Better yet, hire a coach that can help you learn what it would look like to start to delegate some of these things out so that you are able to focus on the real growth of the business. That is the quickest way to really create the leverage you need to make long-term, scalable changes. 

Final Takeaway: Making a mindset shift to a stakeholder in your company is where you’ll get the leverage to make real, lasting changes. 

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