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Episode 977

Shifting Your Mindset: From Cleaner to Business Owner: Episode 977


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Episode 977 –Shifting Your Mindset: From Cleaner to Business Owner


In this podcast episode, Lindsay and Suzanne dive into the importance of mindset and identity for cleaning business owners. They discuss the challenges of transitioning from being a cleaner to a business owner and offer strategies to help overcome this shift. By recognizing the benefits of owning a cleaning company, making a decision to stop cleaning, and adopting a new identity, cleaning business owners can pave the way for growth and success.

Recognizing the Comfort Zone:

Suzanne explains that many cleaning business owners initially see themselves as cleaners because it feels comfortable and familiar. However, when they consider expanding their business, they may feel overwhelmed and face discomfort. This discomfort can manifest in physical symptoms like upset stomachs and headaches, leading to a reluctance to embrace the role of a business owner.

Making the Decision:

To move forward, Lindsay and Suzanne encourage listeners to make a conscious decision to become a cleaning business owner. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the benefits of owning a cleaning company and making a list of these benefits. By understanding the advantages, individuals can gain motivation and clarity about their goals.

Taking Action:

Once the decision is made, Lindsay and Suzanne recommend creating a list of the necessary steps to establish and grow a cleaning business. They highlight the importance of breaking down tasks into manageable parts, seeking help or guidance if needed, and giving oneself grace to learn along the way. By taking small steps, individuals can gain confidence and move closer to their vision.

Shifting the Identity:

The hosts stress the significance of adopting a new identity as a business owner. They suggest visualizing oneself as the owner of a cleaning company rather than just a cleaner. Lindsay and Suzanne discuss the power of saying, “You don’t want me cleaning. My team is better at it,” as it reinforces the idea of being a visionary owner rather than an individual doing the cleaning. They also mention the potential for team members to surpass the owner’s skills and the importance of hiring people whose values align with the business.

Mindset Work:

In addition to the tactical steps, Lindsay and Suzanne explore the mindset aspect of transitioning to a business owner. They recommend writing “I am” statements that reflect the attributes of a capable business owner and reading them aloud daily. By affirming these statements, individuals can reinforce their new identity and gradually embody the desired characteristics.


Shifting from being a cleaner to a business owner requires a change in mindset and identity. Lindsay and Suzanne emphasize the importance of recognizing the benefits of owning a cleaning company, making a decision to stop cleaning, and taking small steps to move forward. By adopting a new identity and embracing the mindset of a business owner, individuals can pave the way for success and growth in their cleaning businesses.
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