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Episode 134

Selling Cleaning Services: Episode 134: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 134 – Selling Cleaning Services

Selling Cleaning Services Without Fear! On today’s episode Mike talks with Luciana Souza about selling cleaning services and how to overcome fear and nervousness when selling. Lucina is the owner of Lucy and the Cleaning Fairies. Lucy and the Cleaning Fairies have been providing residential cleaning for Connecticut since 2008. You can get a hold of Lucina and her team HERE. Luciana started by dropping business cards in mailboxes and had some success, but finds herself extremely nervous when it comes to selling and reaches out to Mike for help. How to Overcome Fear Around Selling Cleaning Services Do you hate selling? Do you get high heart rate and sweaty just thinking about going on a “sales call” for your cleaning services? You are not alone. Luciana tried everything, even memorizing what she was going to say. But lack of confidence and fear of hearing NO kept her from selling her cleaning services. The first thing that has to go to get over fear of selling cleaning services is… Wrong Belief’s About What Makes a “Good” Salesperson Contrary to popular belief, good sales people are not just “born that way”. Selling is just like any other skill. Good salespeople start off bad just like anyone else and get better with practice. Even more important is the wrong headed belief that selling cleaning services involves some sort of awful, high pressure situation. The truth of the matter is good sales people truly care about their prospects and customers. Slimy salespeople that are greedy and dishonest are rarely successful for long. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still give sales and selling a bad name. Of Course You Hate Sales… As long as you think of sales and selling as a dirty rotten thing, you will never enjoy it and certainly never be good at it. The amazing thing is so many people who fear selling cleaning services just want to help and serve their customer and are only afraid when they feel like they have to “sell” instead. In reality, good selling is just helping and serving your customer!! Once you re frame selling cleaning services properly in your mind from selfish greed to selfless serving, you still might need a little help learning how to sell cleaning services the right way. AND to get over the fear… Super Ninja Trick to Get Over Fear… Anytime you are nervous and scared that you are going to screw up, just be real with your customer and TELL them. It might sound something like this… “Hey Mrs customer, can I be totally honest with you? Great. I’m just gonna come out and say it… I am a terrible sales person, my hands are sweaty and I’m already forgetting what i wanted to tell you, are you ok with me trying to help you even though I am such a bad sales person? Can you see how much pressure that takes off the entire situation? What About the Dreaded “I’ll Think it Over”??? Let’s help you with that too shall we? The best way to avoid the “think it over” is to diffuse that bomb at the beginning of the conversation. Ask them for permission to tell them if you don’t think you are the best person to help them. NO ONE else will ask them this, they will always say yes and it takes a lot of the pressure off. Next ask them if they would be honest with you and tell you if it is not a good fit for any reason. This takes even more stress away and they will almost always agree. Finally ask what they would like to see happen if neither of you are able to disqualify each other. One of two things will happen. Most likely, they will agree and you have eliminated the “think it over”. Otherwise, they will let you know what would keep them from moving forward at the beginning of the conversation instead of at the end after you have invested a lot of time and given them a bid. Want even MORE on selling cleaning services? Check out THIS podcast on getting more value out of each customer! Worried about what to do when you actually make the sale? THIS free podcast will walk through how to create an awesome bid package for your cleaning company. And that’s not the end of the good stuff, we still have the…

Lightning Round:

Quesion #1- What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Ignore the negative and use it to push through”

Q: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

“Believing all advice is good advice.,”

Q: What would you tell the ‘Build your cleaning business community’ that they could implement today?

“Learn to take a break out of your day yo refocus”
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