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Episode 212

Secret Tactics to Marketing Facilities Management that will Blow Your Competition Away: Episode 212: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 212 – Secret Tactics to Marketing Facilities Management that will Blow Your Competition Away

Ready to expand your business and take over the world?
Discover the secret weapon to marketing facilities management that will turn your business into a customer magnet
Today, your amazing host, Mike Campion, coaches Dirk Bak from SDQ Janitorial on marketing facilities management. SDQ Janitorial has been serving Minnesota and the MidWest for over thirty years with commercial cleaning services! Dirk is ready to expand his company into multiple locations and wants to maximize his marketing efforts for fast growth.

FUN FACT: SDQ stands for: Service, Dependability, and Quality. We knew you were dying to know!
Before diving into marketing facilities management, Mike covers the foundation to any successful marketing campaign.

Niche It!

When starting or growing your business, be CLEAR about who your customers are and more importatnly who they aren’t. Marketing facilities management is only expensive if you don’t see any return!

KEY POINT: Don’t pursue customers if they don’t meet certain pre-established criteria.
THINK Green, Yellow, Red mentality when thinking about who your customers are!

Green: Move with it! This client is an absolute YES. Meets all criteria for the type of customer you want…go for it!
Yellow: Slow down. Possible client. Think: does this account have the potential to be a “green” account.
Red: Stop! These potential clients are an absolute no-go because they meet absolutely zero of your niche criteria-no exceptions!
Marketing facilities management to everyone is a great way to waste precious resources on ineffective messaging. It’s the difference between, “We clean commercial properties” and “We know YOU and YOUR BUSINESS better than ANY of our competitors, no one will be able to meet your specific needs like we can.”

When you niche, you are not only setting yourself apart from all the competition, you are also getting out of the low price rat-race. When you are no longer competing on price, you have the extra resources to do even more facilities management marketing to grow faster.

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Now that you are armed with how to maximize your facilities management marketing efforts, let’s talk expansion!
Market Specific Advice: Expanding with Purpose!

Major things to consider when looking to expand or move your business outside of your area/state:

Before moving anywhere think about where you want to be. Is it the right place for me? How about my family?
Go where the business climate is the best in this new area.
Look at your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
What are your clients like? Do you have accounts already in place in those areas?
How to Avoid the Pitfalls and Expand like an Expert:
Things to consider prior to actual expansion of your commercial cleaning business:

Expand your current customer base. Hire employees and get accounts that are further away than you’re used to.
Employees might be hired remotely here.
Take a dry-run. Intentionally leave your “home base” for a couple of weeks to test out how everything goes.
Work remotely or just where you won’t have direct access to employees.
Work on proactive projects but no direct “hands” in your business at this point.
KEY POINT: Test out running your company remotely, fix the problems before opening a new location
Expanding your business takes careful planning and preparation for success. First start by maximizing your facilities management marketing strategy. Then move on to rehearsing, tweaking and mastering running your business remotely. Finally, when everything has been tested and perfected, open your new location!

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Dirk brings the heat in the…

Lightning Round:

Time for three quick questions and three amazing answers:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

I had a mentor who sat me down and said: “no success can compensate for the failure in the home”. At the end of the day, you have your family. As the success comes, don’t forget you have a family. At the same time, success requires sacrifice, as you own your own business there are sacrifices you are making. It’s very important to keep your own balance!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Jumping to conclusions or making assumptions without evaluating. Make sure you check each situation out for your clients.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Check your work and really, often, audit your clients. Look at the customers that are your core customers. In other words, the ones that are generating the bottom line for you. Based on that analysis, start niching out your business!
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