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Episode 1123

Say Goodbye to Late-Night Emergency Calls in Your Cleaning Business: Episode 1123


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Episode 1123 – Say Goodbye to Late-Night Emergency Calls in Your Cleaning Business

Hey, Cleaning Nation! This episode brings valuable insights from coaching calls Mike had with our clients. Let’s dive in and uncover some practical advice for cleaning business owners.

Managing After-Hours Calls

One of the key discussions was about the role of a Customer Happiness Manager (CHM) in handling after-hours communications. Mike shared his experience of running a commercial cleaning company and the frustrations of receiving calls at odd hours. He emphasized the importance of empowering employees to make decisions based on core values instead of relying on the CHM or the owner to solve problems. By doing this, employees become more capable and confident, reducing unnecessary calls and fostering a sense of responsibility.

Training and Core Values

Mike discussed the importance of training employees to think independently using the company’s core values. When employees face challenges, they should be encouraged to solve problems themselves rather than always seeking help. This approach not only reduces the workload on managers but also helps employees develop critical thinking skills. By consistently reinforcing core values, employees learn to handle situations more effectively and independently.

Handling Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, Mike advised against immediately stepping in to solve the problem. Instead, he suggested asking employees how they would handle the situation based on the core values. This method helps employees build problem-solving skills and confidence. Mike shared an example of a client who dealt with a fight among employees during a night shift. By focusing on the core values and ensuring all reasonable precautions were taken, the client managed the situation without unnecessary stress.

Sales from Door Hangers

The conversation then shifted to handling sales inquiries from door hangers. Mike highlighted the importance of being transparent about any conditions attached to promotional offers. For instance, if a door hanger offers a free cleaning, it should be made clear that this is intended to attract recurring customers. By setting clear expectations from the start, potential clients understand the purpose of the offer and are less likely to feel misled.

Booking the Cleaning and Giving the Bid

Mike recommended scheduling the free cleaning first and having the salesperson arrive at the end of the cleaning to present a bid for ongoing services. This approach allows the company to demonstrate their reliability and quality of work upfront. Clients are more likely to be impressed by the service and consider a long-term contract. Additionally, Mike stressed the importance of consistency and reciprocity in sales. When you deliver on your promises and provide excellent service, clients are more inclined to reciprocate by choosing your company for their cleaning needs.

By implementing these strategies, cleaning business owners can improve customer satisfaction, reduce after-hours stress, and increase their chances of securing long-term clients.

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