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Episode 560

Sales Secrets to Scale Your Cleaning Company with Jim Padilla: Episode 560: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 560 – Sales Secrets to Scale Your Cleaning Company with Jim Padilla

Hey Cleaning Nation! We have Jim Padilla back with us today. We had a great time with him last time and so we had to invite him back. What we will be talking about is, “How do we grow our cleaning company even if a crisis strikes?” How do we go about this? How do we sell when the customer is in an undesirable position or state of mind.

Emotions Play a Big Part:

People’s situations affect their decisions.
It’s important to understand that they may have some hysteria in their decision. If you’re ignorant to it then you’ll lose the opportunity to sell to them.
People are caught up in various degrees of what they hear, see, or what’s their current situation. And we’ve got to be able to help them synthesize what’s going on. We’ve got to help them see that it’s not as important as it seems, or if it’s even important whatsoever. But we’ve got to know why it’s important to them.

What’s going on is not that important, how they are feeling about that is more important.
You have to understand that before you could really help them!

Dealing with Crisis:

Crisis is nothing new. You have all been dealing with it since you were born and they come in different sizes.
Crisis is defined by you, but the point is you have to determine how to navigate life even though crises exist.
It doesn’t matter who wins or what happens. What matters is you win by taking control of your situation.

Change from: Because this happened now, this is going to happen to me too.
Change to: Because this happened, this is how I’m going to change my result.

3 Steps to Sell Successfully:


  1. Start with where they are and lift them up out of the muck.
  2. Then, get them to see what’s possible, get them to rise above.
  3. Now, you can start talking about buying your product, why should they, and why you versus the other guy, and such.

Key Notes:


  • When they are in crisis mode, then they are at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. They won’t be able to think about what you are selling. You have to go down first to meet them where they are and help them get up from there.
  • It’s vital that the first sale that you make every single day is to yourself.

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