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Episode 043

Retaining Your Customers : Episode 043: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 043 – Retaining Your Customers

Retaining Your Customers

Today’s episode is a barrel of fun as we talk about retaining your customers in the cleaning business. Mike Campion coaches Joshua Boyd from Boyd’s Cleaning Services – on why retaining your customers is so important and just how to do it.

Mike opens today’s conversation with the WORST time to try and keep a customer and some red flags to look out for that can mean something bad is coming. One of the things you will discover is how to take a proactive approach to keeping customers for the long term instead of trying to salvage a problem last minute.

Too many times we get busy and don’t listen when our customers are telling us there is a problem- even worse, we tend to blame the customer for being “too picky” instead of figuring out how we can use their feedback to step up our game!!

Sure we cover the tried and true- it takes six times the time money and effort to replace a customer than to keep one, but listen in and figure out HOW to make that number work in YOUR business.

You will also discover how to set your customer up with “pain of disconnect” so they are more inclined to stay with you, give you more chances and forgive you when you make a mistake!

When we do lose customers, rookies feel like that is the end of the story- veteran owners of cleaning companies know that there is a treasure trove of valuable information to be mined from customers on their way out- Mike explains how to get that information and make it profitable for your cleaning company.

KEY POINT: Your BEST prospects are your PAST CUSTOMERS!!

So few owners spend time and money on previous customers and lost bids that never were customers- but those people are so much cheaper and easier to convert into customers than total strangers.

When you lose a client, that is THE best time to start marketing to them!!

Just when you think you have had all the customer retention fun you can handle, Mike invites Joshua into the Lightening Round and he treats Cleaning Nation to some wise words…

Never Give UP
Don’t judge or underestimate
Treat everyone as a prospect
Be disciplined
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