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Episode 918

Reframing Your Mindset for Business Growth: Episode 918


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ep 918
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Episode 918 – Reframing Your Mindset for Business Growth

In today’s episode, Tracy and Mike are discussing the topic of how to deal with struggles in business. They delve into the importance of what we make these struggles mean to us. The meaning we give to these struggles has a significant impact on how we deal with them, and this goes beyond just business. They mention that in life, we cannot choose many things, but we have the power to choose the meaning we give to them. Mike gives the example of building a multimillion-dollar business and how it is a common goal for many cleaning company owners. However, he says that many times people overlook the importance of what this means to them and whether it is something they truly want.

He also mentions that difficulties in life and business are often not evenly spaced, and when things go wrong, it is easy to make negative assumptions about oneself and the situation. However, the same struggles can also be seen as opportunities for growth and education. Mike encourages the listeners to view these struggles as gifts, opportunities to learn and grow, rather than failures. He mentions that what we make things mean is even more important than the things themselves and that we have the power to choose the meaning we give to everything in life.

Tracy and Mike emphasize that the meaning we give to struggles in life and business can significantly impact our outlook and attitude towards them. Instead of seeing difficulties as obstacles, we can choose to see them as opportunities for growth and development. By doing so, we can shift our focus from a negative perspective to a positive one and take control of how we deal with challenges.

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