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Episode 908

Reach Bigger Things in 2023: Making Your Initial Vision Come True - Part 2: Episode 908


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Reach Bigger Things in 2023 Making Your Initial Vision Come True (3)
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Episode 908 – Reach Bigger Things in 2023: Making Your Initial Vision Come True - Part 2

In today’s episode, Mindset coach Tracey shares her firm beliefs that self-reflection is a crucial element in developing our best selves. Through engaging in the process of contemplation, she encourages us to consider the person we want to be and the experiences or skills we’d like to acquire. This could include learning how to lead, improving our relationships and cultivating an attitude of gratitude.
Tracey also emphasizes the importance of speaking aloud about these goals with others. By doing so, we receive motivation and accountability as well as being brave enough to take on any challenge – even if it makes us feel scared. Through this process we can build strength and confidence, expanding our horizons and allowing ourselves to explore new opportunities that may have previously seemed daunting.
Self-reflection is incredibly beneficial in order to learn more about ourselves and grow both internally and externally. It can provide clarity on who we are and what we want from life, enabling us to make plans for achieving these goals with greater ease. Additionally, it allows for positive changes within ourselves such as developing better communication skills, increasing patience and understanding, or being more aware of our emotions thus leading to improved relationships with others.
Overall, developing a clear idea of self through self-reflection can open up new possibilities for growth both on an individual level as well as in our professional and personal lives. This can allow us to gain confidence in ourselves while also making sure that what we do is meaningful – always striving towards becoming our best selves every day.

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