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Quit Cleaning and Start OWNING Your Cleaning Company : 404 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 404 – Quit Cleaning and Start OWNING Your Cleaning Company

Today Mike is here to talk about a subject that gets brought up a lot; How do you stop cleaning and start actually owning your cleaning company?

So many of us get into the business with tons of passion, but after weeks or months, or even years the passion will start to die out and make being a cleaning company owner much more difficult and much less fun. Don’t let your dream of becoming an entrepreneur get ruined by having to spend every day cleaning yourself.

As always, we are going to start with some beliefs that you will need to overcome before we can move on. The first idea that you have to get over is that you can make real money while cleaning, and that you cleaning will mean more clients which in turn will mean more money, when in reality if you spend your time wisely by delegating that work, and working on more big picture ideas for your company, there is a lot more profit to be had. Cleaning will never be that profitable, however, the client and employee attraction is where you can really start to make money in this field. Building systems and culture will always be more profitable than actual cleaning.

The second idea that can take your company down is ‘hiring is too expensive’. The truth is that if you can’t afford to hire employees, then you’ve got separate things to deal with. For instance, if your pricing isn’t correct, or your clients aren’t the type of clients that you want. If you are not making up all of the hiring costs with your customers than something has gone wrong.

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Another fallacy that may be holding you back is; ‘I’ve tried hiring before and it always backfires and there isn’t any good applicants.’ What that typically actually means is that you don’t have the right system in place to get good employees. Generally speaking, you get the results that your system has set up for you. Sometimes there is just plain bad luck involved, but a majority of the time you only get the results that your system has set out for you. Using bad systems and not getting the results you want has often lead to people giving up, however, it’s important to look for the real problem and solution, rather than start to give up as soon as something doesn’t go exactly how you plan it.

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This can seem to be like a ton of information that is difficult to implement, however lucky for Mike does hour-long complimentary breakthrough sessions that can help you figure out and implement your own systems to help you get out of the cleaning business, and into being the owner of a cleaning business. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Mike one on one, head over to: and schedule an appointment today!

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