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Episode 784

Progress Over Perfection: Episode 784


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Episode 784 – Progress Over Perfection

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lezza and Leanard Alamonte here chatting with Mike. These two are members of the Clean Profit Method and started Luminous Cleaning in April 2020. They are on fire and really eager to grow and expand their business. Listen in as they talk to Mike about what they have learned and what they are continue to learn through this process.

Wanted to Be Involved in the Business

Lezza didn’t start out as a cleaner when they first started their business. They hired out right from the start. But somewhere along the way, she decided she wanted to understand the perspective of the cleaner, so she began to clean to learn that part of it. But once she started, she found it was harder to get back out of cleaning because that meant she had to give up control of what was happening fully. She also did what we see a lot with cleaning owners, which was to try and convince herself that she wanted to be cleaning. At this point, she is really close to being out but still does walk throughs with her employees. It was systems and mindset that really made the difference for her. ‘

The Best Way to Get What You Want is By Focusing on What You Want

Lots of times, owners of cleaning companies will say things like ‘i hate cleaning, i want to be done cleaning, i have to be done cleaning.’ they focus solely on what they don’t want. But we’ve found (and Lezza and Leanard are finding) that when you focus on what you DO want, it gives you a much clearer path of where you want to go and what you hope to accomplish than swimming in the overwhelm of wanting to get out of something. Form that vantage point, you will be much more effective at making what you want happen.

Progress Over Perfection

One thing this couple is doing really well, is being patient wtih themselves and thier business as they implement new systems and changes. They are started to slowly roll out a new pricing system, and rather than being hard on themselves and thinking they should be doing it better or later or not recognizing the progress they do have, they understand that it is all a process that they are taking one step at a time. 

Final Takeaway: Focus on what you want, and say yes to the journey. 

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