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Episode 025

Pricing Cleaning Jobs: Episode 025: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 025 – Pricing Cleaning Jobs

Pricing Cleaning Jobs
Listen and learn about pricing cleaning jobs as Mike Campion Thabs Lekota and Tamara Roberts from Maid on the Move in South Africa talk turkey!
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Pricing cleaning jobs is a lot easier when you are not competing with a dozen cleaning companies all competing for the same one or two contracts. Check out Mike teaching how to the become ONLY bidder! Too many bidders confuses prospects and a confused prospect will usually make their decision based on price. You can escape this trap by EDUCATING your prospects- building relationships and understanding and solving their pain.

BONUS LOVIN- There is absolutely NO value in being second cheapest- so if you aren’t the lowest price- you might as well be the highest!

When it comes to pricing cleaning jobs, profit and margin are what allow you the budget to invest in educating, training, and developing your prospects and customers on VALUE and giving them other ways to make a decision instead of just price.

If that doesn’t get your motor running- check out some of the other goodies Mike covers in this training:

How a Unique Selling Proposition can help you price your cleaning jobs
Why SPECIFIC prospects and SPECIFIC pain can = top dollar
Shift your prospects focus from cost to value
Which prospects make the most profitable customers
A powerful FREE way to overcome price objections
Why more bids equals MORE margin and profit
When and how to raise your prices
Lightening Round Lovin:

Don’t be afraid of your prospects
Don’t run your business out of FEAR
Go all out on your marketing efforts
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