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Episode 675

Playing Not to Lose vs Playing to WIN: Episode 675


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Episode 675 – Playing Not to Lose vs Playing to WIN

Welcome Cleaning Nation! This is Tracey Thompson, and I’m here with the amazing, incomparable Suzanne Bandick. We are the dual Mindset Coaches on the team for Grow My Cleaning Company. We are here today to talk about the Mindset topic: Playing not to lose versus playing to win. Think about that just for a second, are you playing not to lose? Are you playing to win?

Examples from our Mindset Calls

A good example of this concept is with price raising. In our coaching, we advise our clients to raise their price. It’s common for a client to come into our program that might be fearful, and they’re actually playing not to lose. Some of our clients make up stories anticipating what’s going to happen if they raise their prices and they are not quite comfortable with that.

Here’s some examples of this type of negative mindset about raising prices with customers:

  • The customer is not going to be happy with me.
  • They’re not going to see the value.
  • They’re probably going to be upset
  • They’re going to want to fire me.
  • They’re going to want to hire someone else.

Suzanne adds here, “There’s a whole lot of fear around that, and as a mindset coach I notice it’s fear and loss is one mindset that tracks abundance, and wealth can be another chosen mindset path.”

On the other hand, here’s some examples of a positive mindset around raising prices with customers:

What if they say, YES? – That’s the simple start.

Building on this belief:

  • This is what I offer my customers!
  • We have this great relationship!
  • We have this great connection!
  • They appreciate me!
  • They won’t want to lose me!

Suzanne adds here, “Let’s take this even further, that you don’t want to let me go because they’d have to spend the time to find someone new and build up trust with them. And they don’t want to do that. They don’t want to take the time to do that. So of course, they’re going to say yes, and it’s all going to turn out great.”

Closing Advice

It doesn’t take much to have the whole thing fall apart, where you can’t provide the kind of level of value and service that you want to and have committed to giving. When you raise prices, it is ultimately for the client because you know what it takes to provide that value. And just that one flip of thinking, “I’m not doing it to them, I’m doing it for them” is a perfect example of playing to win. Having that abundance of service, value-based mindset versus that scarcity and fear.

Our Encouragement

To start with, how can you shift one part of the story? Just start somewhere, start with one piece of the old story. Start with that one piece, and we’ll just see if we can turn that one piece around.

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