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Episode 702

Overcoming Problem Cleaning Clients: Episode 702


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Episode 702 –Overcoming Problem Cleaning Clients

In today’s podcast, Tracey Thompson, the Mindset Coach of Grow My Cleaning Company, talks to Seth Baker, the head of Baker Cleaning Service. They discuss how he emerged as a successful cleaning entrepreneur with the help of the Clean Profit Elite Program. In addition, Seth also came up with a few essential tips to start a cleaning business.

Baker Cleaning Service – How It Started

Seth Baker started his own cleaning company, Baker Cleaning Service, in January 2018 in Millsboro, Delaware. He provides residential cleaning services in and around the Delaware beach area. Seth’s journey started with having no job. So, he sought help from one of his friends who owned a cleaning business. He worked for her company for a year. While working, Seth realized that there were certain things that he could have done better by himself. So, after one year, he decided to give it a go and started Baker Cleaning Service.

Identifying the Problem

According to Seth, after a couple of years, his business growth seemed to have halted. He was struggling with the business operations, like dealing with staff members and clients. Seth told Tracey he was having difficulty identifying the right kind of clients and understanding who the right clients are. It seemed as if his clients were running his business and not him. At that time, he was watching a lot of Mike Campion’s podcasts and several videos on YouTube and Facebook. So, finally, he decided to take his chance with Mike and GMCC’s coaching.

The Role Of Grow My Cleaning Company in Seth’s Business

Seth stated that initially, he signed up for a two-day event with Mike and Tracey, and he had fun. A lot of things said in that event made him realize what he already experienced. This event helped him look at things from a different perspective. Finally, Seth realized that he wasn’t doing anything different to help the business grow and, hence, the fault was on him.

Seth’s Take Away from the Event

Seth’s biggest takeaway from that event was how to deal with problem clients. For instance, he learned to handle clients that are never satisfied with the work and keep on complaining. Seth realized that he wouldn’t let the clients run his business. Therefore, he decided to change his strategy and take his business in new directions.

Tips From Seth for A Cleaning Business Startup

In the podcast, Seth Baker shared some of his own tips and techniques to make a cleaning business startup working.

1. Set the Mindset of Your Client
Seth stated that he doesn’t say anything about pricing directly while dealing with a client. His conversation with a client looks like you can have a great weekend having fun with your friends and family while he takes care of the cleaning. For that, his company will charge an amount of money. So, the tip is to set the mindset of your client by yourself.

2. Know Your Clients
According to Seth, if you want to take your cleaning business somewhere, don’t start cleaning houses for $50 per week. Because these are not your potential clients as there is no profit. Moreover, if you hire a couple of people for cleaning, there is no money for you.

3. Confidence
Seth also stated not to give up. Let your mindset convince you to come out of it. According to Seth, if he can do it, anybody can do it. Initially, you will have difficulty getting there, but in the end, it is definitely worth it.

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