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Episode 1082

Overcoming Overwhelm: Breaking the Habit: Episode 1082


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Episode 1082 – Overcoming Overwhelm: Breaking the Habit


In this episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast, Mike Campion sits down with Suzanne Bandick to discuss the pervasive feeling of overwhelm and how it can become a habitual barrier to productivity.

Recognizing the Habit

Mike opens the conversation by acknowledging Suzanne’s insight into overwhelm as a learned coping mechanism. He reflects on how he used to view overwhelm as an inevitable emotion rather than a habit that can be changed.

Understanding Overwhelm as a Coping Mechanism

Suzanne elaborates on the concept, explaining how overwhelm often serves as a form of procrastination. By piling tasks onto ourselves, we create the illusion of being too busy to act, ultimately hindering progress.

Challenging the Status Quo

Mike relates Suzanne’s insights to common challenges faced by business owners, such as the belief that they can’t hire employees due to a lack of customers. He emphasizes the need to separate emotional responses from logical problem-solving to overcome overwhelm.

Taking Action

The discussion shifts to practical steps for breaking the habit of overwhelm. Suzanne outlines a three-step process: recognizing the pattern, changing the thought process, and prioritizing tasks.

Choosing What Matters Most

Mike and Suzanne stress the importance of prioritization in overcoming overwhelm. They emphasize the need to focus on the most important tasks, even if they are not urgent, to drive business growth effectively.

Implementing a New Approach

Suzanne introduces a simple yet powerful strategy: setting a timer for 15-minute intervals to focus on one task at a time. By breaking tasks into manageable chunks, individuals can build momentum and overcome overwhelm.

Reflecting on Success

Mike shares examples from history, illustrating the effectiveness of focusing on one task at a time. He emphasizes the role of coaches in providing guidance and accountability on the journey to overcoming overwhelm.


As the conversation wraps up, Mike and Suzanne encourage listeners to adopt a mindset of working smarter, not harder. They invite business owners to seek support and clarity from the Grow My Cleaning Company community to overcome overwhelm and achieve their goals.
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