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Episode 1018

Overcoming Fear and Taking Action in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1018


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Episode 1018
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Episode 1018 – Overcoming Fear and Taking Action in Your Cleaning Company


In this engaging podcast episode, join Mike Campion, the charismatic host of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast, as he sits down with Shawn Bandick to explore the fascinating world of cleaning business ownership. Get ready for an intriguing conversation that delves deep into the dynamics of fear, mindset, and action-taking.

From Crushing Fear to Empowering Transformation

Mike acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster that cleaning business owners often ride, from feeling broken and crushed to the sheer joy of witnessing their transformative journey. He introduces Shawn as the expert who can shed light on what holds people back from taking action and changing their lives.

Transitioning from Worker to CEO Mindset

Shawn brings his unique perspective to the table, emphasizing the critical shift from thinking like an employee to thinking like a businessperson. Many business owners initially struggle to embrace their role as CEOs, often clinging to the mindset of a worker. However, to achieve success, they must evolve and make decisions that align with their newfound CEO status.

Embracing Discomfort for Growth

The conversation delves into the challenge of receiving advice from people who haven’t achieved the level of success you desire. They caution against seeking guidance from those who lack experience in entrepreneurship, especially when they offer discouraging opinions.

The Power of a Supportive Community

Shawn emphasizes the significance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your journey and can provide support without judgment. They discuss the value of finding a community that shares your vision and goals, where everyone encourages each other’s growth.

Russell Brunson's Insightful Story

Mike shares a powerful story about Russell Brunson, highlighting how individuals often perceive entrepreneurship as hard work but hesitate to take the necessary steps to change their lives. He encourages listeners to be honest with themselves and take action if they’re truly committed to transforming their cleaning businesses.

Take the Leap Towards Success

In conclusion, this podcast episode challenges cleaning business owners to confront their fears, change their mindset, and take decisive action to achieve their dreams. It serves as a valuable reminder that success requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and seeking support from those who understand the journey. If you’re ready to break free from the limitations that hold you back in your cleaning business, consider reaching out to Grow My Cleaning Company for guidance and support. Your journey to success begins with a willingness to change and take action.
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