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Episode 648

Overcoming Fear and Myths for Cleaning Business Owners: Episode 648


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Episode 648 – Overcoming Fear and Myths for Cleaning Business Owners

Hello Cleaning Nation! Tracey Thompson here with the amazing Linda Pizzato. She has had a huge transformation in her life and business. In 2018 Linda opened Linda’s Cleaning Service in Kansas City, Missouri but she has been in business under her own name for 20 years. Her cleaning business journey started in post construction but has since moved to residential cleaning.

How Linda Found Us

Linda has always been very independent and tenacious when it comes to her cleaning business. Since she has been in the cleaning business for 20 years, she has decided that she is ready to step into the owner role. She started listening to the podcast awhile ago and even though she was nervous to ask to help, she took the leap anyway.

What Held Linda Back

Linda had a few things holding her back from asking for help. One of those things was fear. Her fear showed up in a couple of ways including fear of change and fear of failure. She knew that if she could get the information she could have a chance to change her life. She has no regrets from making that decision and now has the tools to step into the owner role. The biggest thing she learned was that her mindset was holding her back. Once she changed that mindset she started moving forward.

How Linda Got Rid of Her Fear

The fear of failure was such a weight on Linda and she really struggled to let that go. Being in business for long was where the fear stemmed from. She realized that if she found someone who had overcome their own fears, she could overcome hers. By going through the program she broke that fear and now she has double the clients.

Linda’s Biggest Tip

Be committed. Making the decision to commit to your success no matter what happens is what sets you on the path to overcoming your fears. You don’t know what you don’t know. By making that decision you don’t need to focus on the things you don’t know. Focus on the things you know and find someone who can teach you the things you don’t know. This is when the real shift happens.

Self Improvement is the Key

Self improvement is key to growing your business. One of the biggest myths in the cleaning industry is that you just need to be a good cleaner. That is simply not true. Yes, being good at cleaning helps your business but when you make the transition to owner you mindset becomes your biggest key. Becoming a bigger version of yourself your business will become bigger!

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