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Episode 955

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 955


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EP 955
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Episode 955 – Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change in Your Cleaning Company

As entrepreneurs, we often encounter moments when we want to make a change but find ourselves getting stuck in the details. This could be because we are perfectionists or have anxiety about the outcome of our actions. In a recent coaching session between a Mike and an Elite client, Claire, Mike emphasized the importance of acknowledging and accepting these feelings before taking action. In the second part of the episode, Mike coaches Johan in a similar situation.

Claire was particularly concerned about raising rates for her clients. She worried about getting all the details right and not making a mistake that could hurt her business in the future. Mike acknowledged that this was a legitimate concern but also pointed out that it was not the only truth. Sometimes, we create barriers for ourselves by fixating on worst-case scenarios.

Mike suggested that one way to move past these barriers was to focus on the worst reasonable outcome. By doing this, we can often realize that our fears are not as severe as we had imagined. We can also give ourselves permission to take risks and make mistakes, as long as we have done our due diligence.

For Johan, Mike discussed three major changes in operations that need to be implemented. The first change is to raise prices, which he sees as an easy decision. The second change is to start accepting credit cards, which he believes will make the payment process much simpler for clients. Finally, Mike stresses the importance of not raising prices incrementally over several months but instead, raising them once by a larger amount. He believes that the anxiety and fear that people feel about making these changes are often worse than the changes themselves.

Mike notes that he has seen this same scenario play out many times before in the Facebook group and encourages people to be confident and not overthink the changes. He points out that just because something is changing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Taking credit cards, for example, will make life easier for everyone involved.

Mike emphasizes that the changes are not weird and that people need to focus on the positive outcomes that will result. For example, billing in advance means clients will be billed like they are for many other services they use, such as Netflix or a gym membership. Mike suggests that clients look at their own bank statements to see the many other automated debits they have. By billing in advance, it will also help the company scale as it continues to grow.

In conclusion, Mike encourages people to embrace change and not let fear or anxiety get in the way of progress.

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