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Episode 991

Optimizing Your Cleaning Company: Strategies for Managing Slow Employees and Timing Issues: Episode 991


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Ep 991
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Episode 991 – Optimizing Your Cleaning Company: Strategies for Managing Slow Employees and Timing Issues


Are you struggling with issues in your cleaning business, particularly with your current team not being time-conscious during jobs? In a recent coaching session with the Grow My Cleaning Company Next Level group and Mike Campion, a cleaning business owner discussed their concerns about slow employees and how it affects job timing and costs. They also touched on potential strategies to address these challenges.

Identifying the Problem: Slow Employees and Timing

The coaching session began with the cleaning business owner expressing frustration about employees not timing themselves accurately during jobs. They believed that the slow performance of their team was the primary reason for timing discrepancies. The owner had previously reminded the team to be more disciplined in their timekeeping, but the issue persisted.

Finding a Solution: Encouraging Responsibility and Accountability

During the session, Mike advised the owner that before addressing the issue of slow employees, they needed to ensure they had accurate data on job timings. Without reliable data, it would be challenging to pinpoint the exact problem and find a suitable solution.

Mike suggested a method to address the timing issue effectively without resorting to disciplinary measures. Instead of withholding payment or creating special payrolls for slow employees, the coach advised the owner to have an open conversation with their team. The owner should clarify that they expect accurate timekeeping and that the team members will be paid for the hours they work.

Additionally, Mike emphasized the importance of core values in team dynamics. Finding team members who align with the company’s core values can lead to improved performance and job satisfaction.

Hiring and Expansion: Key to Overcoming Team Challenges

One of the main challenges highlighted during the coaching session was the difficulty in finding suitable replacements for slow employees. The business owner revealed that they only had two cleaners in their team. Mike advised them to increase their hiring efforts and expand their team to dilute the impact of individual team members’ performance issues. By doing this, the business owner would ensure that they always have a backup in case someone leaves the company.

Addressing Office Space and Meetings

Another issue raised during the coaching session was the need for suitable office space for meetings and supply storage. The second business owner on this session was currently using their garage for this purpose but wanted to explore alternative options.

The coach recommended considering office rental spaces or warehouses that offer the flexibility to conduct meetings and store supplies. Ideally, the weekly meetings should take place where the supplies are located, ensuring convenience for the team. If possible, the business owner could negotiate with their janitorial supply company to use a conference room or meeting space for regular gatherings.

Final Thoughts

The coaching session provided valuable insights into addressing challenges within a cleaning business. It highlighted the importance of accurate data, core values, hiring, and finding suitable office spaces for successful operations.

If you’re facing similar issues with your cleaning business, these tips and strategies can help you optimize your team’s performance and overcome hurdles. Remember, hiring the right people, promoting accountability, and providing a conducive work environment are vital aspects of building a thriving cleaning business.

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