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Episode 039

Start Your Own Cleaning Business: Episode 039: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 039 – Start Your Own Cleaning Business: Episode 039: Mike Campion LIVE

How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Wanna know how to start your own cleaning business? Zohar from Merimon in Salt Lake City did and he reached out to our host Mike Campion and got an earful of love on starting his own cleaning business. This conversation is a must listen for anyone starting their own cleaning business.

Before diving into all the what’s and how’s- Mike lays down the lay that you actually have to DO the things he shares.

Too many would be owners of cleaning companies get caught up in the “Been there, heard that” mindset and think somehow just knowing what they are supposed to do somehow buys them a free pass to success and they can skip over all that pesky “doing the hard work” part.

KEY POINT: Knowledge without action is useless!

Listen in and discover the number one foundational thing you can do to put your cleaning company on the fast track…

HINT: It is nearly the exact OPPOSITE of what most owners starting their cleaning business think and do!

After you discover that little gem, Mike compares and contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of starting a residential cleaning business versus a commercial cleaning business, versus construction clean up.

Next they get into what every new cleaning business owner should do – Pick a niche – Learn why this is one of the most important things you will do to build a start a successful cleaning business.

Once you have the foundation, you are going to need to know how to beat the low price game that can bankrupt you before you even start.

Mike shares how to sell exactly what your customer wants instead of begging them to take what you sell and how to do it at prices that can actually make you money!

HINT: Be the ONLY one offering your customer what they REALLY want!

Next comes the super advanced training for cleaning business owners in the startup phase and Mike shares how to get past the “we want the most cleaning for the least price” mantra that your customers and prospects are constantly telling you and how to get to what they REALLY want.

At this point you will discover how to make sure you know how much money to spend on growing your business and how to make sure you have it from the beginning.

BONUS LOVIN: Smart business owners accelerate their progress by finding a mentor who has done what they are looking to do!

No show on starting a cleaning business would be complete without some info on how to sell your first few clients and we do NOT disappoint- so listen in now and discover how to get your first couple of jobs WITHOUT selling!

To end this 20 minutes of cleaning company starting awesomeness, Mike rants a bit about what NOT to waste time on when you are starting a cleaning business.

HINT: Nearly EVERYONE misses this!!

What you DON’T focus on is nearly as important as what you DO focus on!

Just when you think you can’t stand any more actionable content, Zohar shares some of his knowledge in the LIghtening Round

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve – Napoleon Hill
Go for it NOW- even if you don’t feel totally “ready”
Always look for ways to improve!

Video of Napoleon Hill himself sharing this concept:
The book Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Another amazing show on how to get the most out of your employees- https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comemployee-motivation/
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