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Episode 672

Nina takes her Niche to the Next Level: Episode 672


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Episode 672 – Nina takes her Niche to the Next Level

Today we have the amazing Nina Amaya, she is the owner of Diamond in the Rough Cleaning Service. She started her business 20 years ago, in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

This amazing young woman joined Grow My Cleaning Company three months ago by listening to podcasts almost every day. She then decided to reach out for our help. After she graduated from the Elite program, she went straight to the Next Level.

Nina perfectly built her employee attraction system through the help of GMCC. She’s a step ahead on hiring employees and continuing her goal to be out of cleaning forever. Now that she has the employee side of the business rolling and is feeling a bit more confident , she is now working on her client attraction funnel.

Mindset on Picking up a Perfect Niche

The cool thing about client attraction is we make it more complex than it needs to because there’s so much bad marketing out there. First let’s try to avoid this type of thinking, which is pretty common, such as “How do I trick my customer into doing what I want them to do?” or “How do I get people to like and pay attention to me?” or “How can I convince people to give me money? “

Instead, start with “Who’s my perfect prospect?”. Then “What problem do I need to solve in their life?

For example, say my goal is to solve more people’s problems and to help more people with marketing. It’s really easy because the quickest version of marketing is just to do it for free. You don’t have to do it for free but it’s quick and easy, right? If you’re wanting residential clients, and your goal is to get moms of two or three kids with pets, a husband and a household, and you are giving them the gift of three to five hours a week back and feeling happy with their home. Your goal is then “how can I give this to people and serve enough people that the market will come to me?”

Nina’s Perfect Niche

To help Nina narrow in on her perfect niche, she is focusing on middle aged people in Charlotte. The beautiful thing about picking a niche is we can really understand them better than anyone else since we serve a very specific niche. For anyone that’s done residential cleaning you’ll realize if it’s married people, the female is going to make the decision. So knowing that, guess how much time we’re gonna spend on the man – none. We’re going to focus 100% on the women. Women is a large group, moms is a subset of that group, and 35 to 50 year old moms have kids at home is a subset of that group. Then figure in home value, that’s whatever the top 20-30% in your area is that their household income is the top like 20% income in an area. That’s a real nice, narrow niche. So now, if Nina wants to bring value to these people, she has to decide what that looks like, most likely a way for them to save time in their busy lives.

Nina’s Takeaway

Nina learned in the program to bring value to her customers. Her number one priority now is to let customers know that she understands that it’s not more than just them coming in and cleaning, but it’s about the time the clients have freed up for them. That is so valuable. Nina will continue to grow her business with the help of Grow My Cleaning Company to reach her goal and make sure that she serves the best for her client.

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