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Episode 695

Niching Down Your Cleaning Company Clientele AND Your Team Culture: Episode 695


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Episode 695 – Niching Down Your Cleaning Company Clientele AND Your Team Culture

Today we’ll share the life-changing story of Demicka. Demicka Perry is a successful cleaning entrepreneur based in South Bend, Indiana. Her cleaning venture, Heart and Mind Cleaning has just completed its year in April 2021.

Demicka's Journey in Resounding Troubles

Demicka started her cleaning journey in April 2020. She took charge of her own course of life when hit by resounding health troubles. After serving for 22 long years in the medical field, Demicka’s dark day arrived when she had to support a patient in Code Blue, i.e., a patient in acute distress. When providing the emergency medical help, she became Code Blue herself.

With elevated blood pressure, spending a night under observation, getting stress tests, and having a wrong stream of treatments, she ended up in a coma. After a spate of massive heart surgeries, she found herself unable to shoulder the heavy workload like before. Pushing a cart of 100 to 145 pounds was an impossible deal for her. Thus, she found an alternative way to serve people, and the Heart and Mind Cleaning Service came into existence.

Heart and Mind Cleaning – The Motto Behind It

According to Demicka, if you enjoy something that doesn’t feel like work, then that will never put you under stress. On the doctor’s advice that she must keep away from stress, she took to cleaning. The sole motto behind her venture is to serve people but in a different pattern. Earlier she used to serve people through medical services; now, the paradigm has shifted. Cleaning residential and commercial spaces gives her the same pleasure of serving and giving back to the people. It gives her a sense of independence and satisfaction.

What Went Wrong in the Path of Growth?

Demicka’s business is just one year old, and she was getting a lot of commercial cleaning contracts. So her business was doing pretty well. But at the same time, she was facing a scarcity of permanent cleaning employees. Most of the workers were here for short-term shifts, and they would flee after a few days. She was also facing issues with structuring the daily wages of her employees. She was here for a long-term business, and all she wanted was long-term workers who would dedicatedly perform the services with a decent payroll.

The Solution on Boarding the Right Employees

On discussing the problem with Mike, he pinpointed the flaws. He suggested that commercial and residential cleaning jobs are good in their own ways, but doing them together can turn out a hustle. First, she needs to fix one territory and seek to hire workers that specialize in these areas. If she calls her staff on board because she needs some random cleaning jobs done, she’d eventually turn off employees with good caliber. To hire good-caliber workers, it’s crucial to know the clients. She needs to fix her client preferences.

Secondly, in a for-profit business, like cleaning, one should pay the wage based on the worker’s service. A company needs to understand its workers and what service they bring and set fair pricing based on that. Hiring lazy, money-minded workers won’t help.

Demicka's Learning and Verdict

From the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast session with Mike, Demicka received a clear picture of how she was hiring staff. She understood that she needs to first decide on her clients and then hire dedicated workers.

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