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Episode 112

Niche Cleaning Services: Episode 112: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 112 – Niche Cleaning Services

Niche Cleaning Services
In today’s episode Mike coaches Jay Shaw of Premier Cleaning Services on niche cleaning services.

If you are in the niche discovery phase, follow these few steps to make sure that you don’t choose the wrong niche and sink your company before it has a chance to grow!

BONUS TIP: Do more research before throwing in more time and money into it.

Make sure your new niche has enough money. If there’s a million of your niche customers out there, but none of them can afford to pay you fair wages, it’s not the right niche for you. If your niche is too cheap, if there’s too much competition, if the customers are too much of a pain in the butt, it’s the wrong niche for you.

Find out how many there are in your service area that match this niche cleaning services. Are there enough of them to support your business? You have to break it down to how much you want to profit every year, how many customers that means and assume you can get 10% of the possible customers out there in your service area that fit your niche.

Before you go out gungho and ready to take on the world, have a dozen face to face conversations with them about their pain. Ask them if they’re interested in your services, why they would be, what keeps them up at night, what’s the headache behind it and why they haven’t had it handled before.

This knowledge will help you to craft marketing messages and tailor your services to exactly what they are looking for.

BONUS TIP: In your discovery phase of face to face chats, your objective is NOT to sell ANYTHING but to understand their pain better than anyone else.

If the niche cleaning services is overlooked that can be a great thing and it can be a scary thing. You need to ask yourself if it’s just overlooked or if there is something that everyone else knows that you don’t .

In Jay’s case he already has a customer lined up for this niche cleaning. This is an excellent opportunity to do a case study. See how it goes, how long it takes you, what kind of profit you make and of course the testimonial you will get after you are done.

If this is a niche you want to pursue, it’s a lot easier to sell that cleaning to others if you have a testimonial.

You can create a landing page specific to their need. A landing page is NOT your home page, it’s a special page just for people you are looking to target in your niche and should be mostly about them and their concerns and much less about you and your company and really only how you can help solve their problems.

Use a video on that page addressing all of their concerns, hopes and dreams.

Once you have that landing page up and you understand them better than they know themselves, start driving traffic to that page.

Lightning Round
Learn from other people’s mistakes
Don’t make big purchases right off the bat
Confidence goes a long way, but having knowledge behind the confidence goes a lot further

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