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Episode 035

Niche Cleaning : Episode 035: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 035 – Niche Cleaning

Squeaky Kleen Washing

Niche Cleaning
Want to grow your cleaning company faster? Feel like you never have enough money in your cleaning companies marketing budget? Niche Cleaning to the rescue!!

Just when you think this podcast could not possibly get any better, Derreck Smallwood with Squeaky Kleen Washing asks your faithful host Mike Campion about how to grow faster, farther and easier using Niche Cleaning and Mike delivers the goods!

Mike blatantly steals an amazing concept from the late Chet Holmes book The Ultimate Selling Machine (get your copy HERE) and shows you how you can use it to Grow Your Cleaning Company

This concept allows you to:

Sign up the absolute BEST customers
Get 10-20 of your DREAM customers EVERY year for the next 3-5 years
Get a far better return on your marketing investment (both time and money)
FOCUS your time on the absolute most IMPORTANT prospects
Have the ability to know your PERFECT prospects pain better than every single one of your competitors- often better than the prospect themselves!!
Listen in and discover why trying to sell to every business in your trading area will lead to frustration, heartbreak and the poor house.

You can’t afford it and you end up having little to no impact on everyone instead of a deep impact on the cream of the crop!

Done right, this concept will obliterate your competition and take price to the bottom of the list for your client.

Find out how to be the only one in your market that your prospects feel understands them and can help them!!

RESOURCE ALERT: Once you get the BEST customers out there, you want to KEEP the best customers out there- CLICK HERE for an amazing FREE podcast on how to do just that!

Mike also talks about the importance of flat out work and determination and how to make all of that hard work pay for once.

You will discover how to get customers to come to you instead of going to them and begging for the ability to bid, and when they do come to you, how to make them see you as an expert consultant that solves important problems for them (this is a highly compensated position) instead of the jerk that takes out the trash (not so highly compensated).

Once you know and implement the concepts in today’s show, your competition will hate you but your prospects and customers will LOVE YOU!

Throw in some amazing stuff on the importance of relationships and how to build them and you have yourself a pretty solid 20 minutes of niche cleaning, company growing content!

Of course, Derreck answers the Lightening Round questions and shares with cleaning nation how to:

Follow up (and why not following up will cost you)
Lay out your goals and FOCUS
Know your numbers
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