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Episode 1128

Next Level Live: Overcoming Obstacles with Cindy and Vernetta: Episode 1128


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Episode 1128 – Next Level Live: Overcoming Obstacles with Cindy and Vernetta

Hey, Cleaning Nation! We’re coming to you from a giant, luxurious office in a mansion at our Next Level Live event. In this episode, Lindsay Bjorklund interviews Cindy Freisen and Vernetta Kpenkaa, two of our Next Level members, to share their amazing stories.

Facing Difficult Conversations

When we were coaching on the first day of the event, Mike brought up a Tim Ferris quote: “The quality of your life is determined by the number of difficult conversations you’re willing to have.” Over the past six months, Cindy had to go through a tough management change, firing a key team member who wasn’t a good fit. This change was hard because they had become friends, but Cindy knew it was necessary for her business to grow.

Life Before the Change

Before the change, Cindy was overwhelmed, working more than 40 hours a week managing employees, scheduling, onboarding new clients, and dealing with various issues. She realized she wasn’t doing anything really well and learned from Grow My Cleaning Company that she needed multiple people in multiple roles, not just one manager. Her manager wasn’t aligning with the company’s core values, making the hard decision even more necessary.

Taking the Leap

After our Orlando live event, Cindy knew she had to make the difficult decision. Despite the fear and the personal connection, she gave her manager two weeks’ notice. The manager didn’t take it well, got angry, and started doing a poor job, so Cindy let her go immediately. Cindy was scared, worried that her business would fall apart without this manager, but she faced her fears and pushed through with support from Suzanne, our mindset coach.

Coming Out Stronger

Cindy faced her fears and made it through the tough weeks. She now has a better hold on her company and a stronger relationship with her employees. Personally, Cindy grew a lot through this experience, realizing she could handle difficult situations and come out stronger. She now knows that she can control her business and that her business doesn’t have to control her.

Vernetta's Journey to Financial Clarity

At our live event, we also caught up with Vernetta, who shared her journey about getting a grip on her financials.

Before Coaching: Struggling with Finances

Before joining Grow My Cleaning Company, Vernetta was working hard but not seeing the profit she expected. She was getting more clients and revenue, but at the end of the day, her profit wasn’t increasing. She realized that she needed help to understand her financials better and sought out our coaching.

Learning to Manage Expenses

One of the biggest lessons Vernetta learned was the importance of controlling expenses. She realized that just having more revenue coming in didn’t mean she was making a profit. She had to manage her costs, understand her cost of goods sold, and make sure her expenses were necessary for supporting her cleaners and running the business efficiently.

Reducing Overstaffing and Unnecessary Costs

Vernetta found that she was overstaffed, paying for two assistants who were not utilized efficiently. She streamlined her support staff, focused on essential expenses, and stopped unnecessary spending. This change allowed her to reduce her work hours significantly, going from working seven days a week to having more free time for herself.

Gaining Financial Control

By understanding her financials and applying better systems and processes, Vernetta turned her business around. She set realistic profit goals and learned to manage her money effectively. Now, she works fewer hours, has better control over her business, and even plans to travel every quarter with her husband.

The Takeaway

Both Cindy and Vernetta’s stories show the importance of facing difficult decisions and managing your business finances effectively. With the right support and mindset, you can overcome challenges, grow personally, and achieve better control over your business. Remember, you can control your business, and it doesn’t have to control you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling with your business, consider reaching out for help. At Grow My Cleaning Company, we’re here to support you with personalized plans to help you achieve your goals. Visit us at for a free consultation. Stay strong, Cleaning Nation, and keep pushing towards your next level of success!
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