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Episode 1068

Need a BREAK from Your Cleaning Company? Here’s HOW to do it!: Episode 1068


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Episode 1068 – Need a BREAK from Your Cleaning Company? Here’s HOW to do it!


In this recent podcast episode, Mike Campion addresses the challenge of cleaning company owners struggling to take a break from their businesses. The discussion revolves around key issues such as handling administrative tasks, finding reliable staff, and creating a system that allows owners to step back without compromising the business. Let’s break down the key points discussed in the podcast.

Changing Beliefs: You're Not the Only One

Mike emphasizes the need for cleaning company owners to change their beliefs, especially the common misconception that they are the only ones capable of handling administrative tasks. By challenging this belief, owners can open themselves up to the possibility of training and hiring individuals to take on various responsibilities, thus reducing the dependency on a single person.

Slice Tasks and Clarify Job Descriptions

To overcome the challenge of finding one person to handle multiple roles, Mike suggests a strategy called “thin slicing.” This involves breaking down big job roles into smaller, manageable tasks. Additionally, providing clear job descriptions for each task ensures that individuals understand their responsibilities and can be easily replaced or trained if necessary.

Addressing Financial Concerns

Mike acknowledges that financial concerns may arise when hiring multiple individuals for different tasks. However, he highlights the importance of reevaluating the pricing and financial structure of the cleaning company. By optimizing the cost of goods sold and adopting a more efficient approach, owners can afford to hire specialized individuals for each role without breaking the bank.

Setting Boundaries: Creating Freedom

To address the challenge of feeling mentally tied to the business, Mike advises setting clear boundaries on when and how owners can be contacted. By designating specific time slots for communication and sticking to them, owners can gradually shift the mindset of always being available. This approach creates a sense of freedom, allowing owners to enjoy breaks without constant interruptions.

Shifting Beliefs on Finding Employees

For those struggling to find employees, Mike challenges the belief that no one wants to work in the cleaning industry. He encourages a shift in perspective, recognizing that it’s not that no one wants to work but rather that the current strategies for finding employees may not be effective. By focusing on creating a positive experience and community within the company, owners can attract and retain valuable team members.


Taking a break from your cleaning company is not only possible but essential for long-term success. By changing beliefs, thin slicing tasks, addressing financial concerns, setting boundaries, and shifting perspectives on finding employees, cleaning company owners can create a system that allows them to step back without compromising the efficiency and growth of their businesses.
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