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Episode 938

Navigating Tricky Client Conversations: Episode 938


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ep 938
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Episode 938 – Navigating Tricky Client Conversations

Today’s episode is a snippet from a seminar which covers two role-play scenarios – how to tell someone they are not a good fit and how to handle a price increase when it exceeds the client’s budget. In the first scenario, Mike advises setting ground rules before a walkthrough and getting permission to tell the client if they are not a good fit. During the walkthrough, he asks questions and focuses on finding a solution. If the client is not a good fit, Mike suggests respectfully offering other options for finding help.

The second scenario highlights being transparent about a price increase that exceeds the client’s budget. Mike suggests emphasizing the value of the service and the reasons behind the increase. He also suggests offering other options or adjustments to help the client fit the service into their budget.

Overall, the discussion emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations and communicating honestly with clients. Mike advises focusing on problem-solving and offering solutions, even if it means referring the client to another service or adjusting the service to fit their budget. The seminar emphasizes that clear communication and mutual respect are key to building strong and successful business relationships.

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