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Episode 652

Navigating the Road from Cleaner to Owner of a Cleaning Business: Episode 652


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Episode 652 – Navigating the Road from Cleaner to Owner of a Cleaning Business

How Denise Got into Cleaning

In 2007 Denise was let go from her corporate job. This wasn’t the most ideal situation because at that time she had three teenagers and her boyfriend also had three teenagers. After she got laid off from her job she decided she was going to go into nursing. While she was going to school she started cleaning part time to make ends meet. She started getting more and more clients and by the time she finished her prerequisite classes she realized that she was going to have to take her nursing classes at night. Unfortunately the school closed down before she got the chance to take her classes. She took a step back and really thought about why she wanted to be a nurse and realized that she really just wanted to help people. She quickly noticed that she was already doing that by cleaning and decided to go all in.

The Next Step

In 2010 her mindset started to shift and she decided that it was time to hire some people. She went back and forth a few times, had different people who were team leads, and was having a hard time really getting out of the field. She almost put herself out of business a few times by overpaying people and undercharging people. She was so involved in the cleaning that she didn’t allow herself to be just the owner. This went on for quite a while and in 2019 she made the decision to get really serious and pull out her calculator.

The Road to Owner

Now Denise is in the Next Level program and is completely out of cleaning! She has started charging people at the beginning of the month so she can pay her employees well, is hiring with core values, and is creating a great culture in her business. She says that the hardest part of getting out of cleaning was getting rid of the mindset that says she knows everything. To her, this was the main thing holding her back. But getting out of cleaning and getting behind a desk she has been able to help so many more people. One huge thing that helped her get rid of that mindset was commitment. Not just committing to it in private but in front of a community. Taking this extra step helped her hold herself accountable.

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