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Episode 1051

Navigating the Hiring Maze for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1051


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Episode 1051 – Navigating the Hiring Maze for Your Cleaning Company


Welcome, Cleaning Nation! In this week’s podcast episode, Mike Campion dives into the hiring process, sharing valuable insights and answering questions from cleaning company owners. If you missed the live session, no worries – we’ve got you covered with a summary of the key points and advice.

Hiring Strategies and Interviews:

Reine, a former client, kicks off the discussion by asking Mike about the feasibility of conducting interviews via Zoom. Mike emphasizes the importance of in-person interviews, highlighting the value of assessing candidates beyond their responses. He suggests increasing interview frequency and adjusting schedules to improve attendance. While Zoom is an option, Mike advocates for in-person meetings to gauge a candidate’s commitment and presentation.

Identifying Core Values:

Next, questions from Katya and Mark revolve around defining a company’s core values and aligning them with hiring decisions. Mike stresses the need for clarity in core values, cautioning against aspirational values that don’t truly reflect the company’s identity. He advises owners to look for values that irritate them when not upheld, converting these frustrations into actionable and clear core values. The goal is to hire individuals whose values naturally align with the company’s culture.

Training and Leadership Development:

Shayla seeks advice on implementing a training process that allows her to transition from fieldwork to an office role. Mike’s response centers on empowering employees to become trainers themselves. He encourages owners to cultivate a culture where every team member is involved in training, creating a self-replicating system. By developing leaders within the team, owners can gradually step back from day-to-day operations.

Contractors vs. Employees:

Ashley, from the chat, seeks guidance on distinguishing between 1099 contractors and employees for tax purposes. Mike clarifies the differences between 1099 and W-2 arrangements, emphasizing the potential risks associated with misclassifying workers. While 1099 arrangements may seem cost-effective, the importance of workers’ compensation insurance is highlighted, especially when employees are exposed to potential risks.


In conclusion, this podcast episode delivers valuable insights into hiring practices, core values, training strategies, and the nuances of contractor-employee classifications. As a cleaning company owner, implementing these tips can enhance your hiring processes, build a strong company culture, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of your cleaning business. Join us next week for more insights and discussions on growing your cleaning company with Mike Campion!
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