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Episode 985

Navigating Background Checks, Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning, and Other Insights: Episode 985


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episode 985
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Episode 985 – Navigating Background Checks, Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning, and Other Insights


In a recent coaching session with Mike Campion, an experienced entrepreneur in the cleaning industry, several topics were discussed, including the importance of background checks, the pros and cons of commercial and residential cleaning, and considerations for vacation rentals. This blog post provides a summary of the valuable insights shared during the session.

Background Checks: Should You Start with Yourself?

The session began with a question about the necessity of running background checks on potential employees. Mike Campion advised against conducting a background check on oneself unless legally required or if personal concerns exist. From a client’s perspective, it is generally unnecessary, as Mike explained that he has never had clients inquire about background checks on his employees. However, he emphasized the need to establish a clear policy regarding absences and drug use, ensuring it is legal and consistently followed.

Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning: Pros and Cons

he discussion then shifted to the advantages and disadvantages of commercial and residential cleaning. Mike highlighted that commercial cleaning offers the potential for larger accounts, which can lead to significant growth in revenue. In contrast, residential cleaning typically involves smaller recurring jobs, requiring a larger client base to achieve substantial revenue. Commercial cleaning may also involve working outside regular business hours, while residential cleaning generally follows a Monday-to-Friday, 8-to-5 schedule. Ultimately, the decision between the two depends on personal preferences, the local market, and the ability to scale effectively.

Background Checks for Vacation Rentals and Move-In/Move-Out Cleans

The conversation touched upon the topic of providing cleaning services for vacation rentals. Mike advised against heavily focusing on vacation rentals due to the seasonal nature of the business and potential challenges in scaling. He mentioned concerns about cash flow, labor costs, and the cyclical nature of the vacation rental industry. Instead, he suggested focusing on recurring residential work, which offers more stability and growth potential.

Before and After Pictures: Do They Matter?

The question arose about the effectiveness of using before and after pictures in marketing cleaning services. Mike Campion shared his perspective, stating that while before and after pictures can be visually appealing and boost confidence in the results, they may not be a crucial marketing tool. He emphasized the importance of understanding and addressing clients’ pain points and effectively articulating the value of the cleaning service rather than relying solely on visual evidence.

Car Insurance Requirements for W-2 Employees

The discussion concluded with a query about car insurance requirements for employees using their vehicles for work purposes. Mike recommended speaking to an insurance professional to ensure proper coverage. Many liability insurance policies include “any auto” coverage, protecting employees and the company regardless of the vehicle driven during work-related tasks.


This coaching session with Mike Campion provided valuable insights into various aspects of the cleaning industry. From the importance of clear policies regarding absences and drug use to understanding the pros and cons of commercial and residential cleaning, the session offered practical advice for cleaning business owners. It also shed light on considerations for vacation rentals and the potential challenges they present. Ultimately, understanding the market, aligning with personal preferences, and maintaining legal compliance are crucial for success in the cleaning industry.
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