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Episode 684

Nancy’s Journey from Side Job to a Successful Cleaning Business Owner: Episode 684


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Episode 684 – Nancy’s Journey from Side Job to a Successful Cleaning Business Owner

Today our Guest is Nancy, one of our Next Level members. She is the owner of Pure Cleaning Company, which she started in October 2020 in Rockford, Michigan. She was a solo cleaner before that, but that’s when she started her actual company. She runs her business by her core values which are: to serve your heart out, be real, encourage others and figure it out. She serves residential busy families.

From Nursing Student to Business Owner

Nancy joined the Elite Program last October, after attending the three-day virtual event of Grow My Cleaning Company. She has three kids and was going to nursing school at the time. She was trying to figure out a way to be able to have the flexibility to stay home with them. She started cleaning on the side during school and realized that’s where her heart was. At the event, she realized she could change her life and it could be different, and she could actually do it. So she decided she was all in on her cleaning business.

Nancy's Zeroes in on her Client's Pain

When Nancy started cleaning. She had just a few clients. She worked a few days a week and realized that she was connecting to clients on a special level. She started to understand their pain, what they were looking for, and started listening to her clients about how frustrated they were with their old cleaners. Their old cleaners would miss cleaning things and wouldn’t seem to be caring. Then Nancy just thought, “That could be bigger. That could be something that I could serve more people.” She knew that it would come with growing pains though.

Nancy’s Takeaway

She enrolled in the Grow My Cleaning Company Elite Program where she started learning about the importance of core values. She knew that core values aren’t something that you make up something that you just claim, but instead they are actually who you are. Nancy really loves to serve, and by growing her company through what she’s learned in the Elite and Next Level programs, she knew that she could serve wider. Her closing advice is: “…get rid of your escape hatch and believe that you can do it. Believe that you’re worth it. Believe that this life…. your dream…. that those things are not just possible, but they are your future reality.”

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