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Episode 1036

Nailing Niche Selection, Dealing with Inflation and more of YOUR Questions Answered!: Episode 1036


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Episode 1036 – Nailing Niche Selection, Dealing with Inflation and more of YOUR Questions Answered!


In their latest podcast, Mike Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund went live as usual on a Wednesday at two o’clock Pacific, five o’clock Eastern. They started by inviting the audience to join their Facebook group for free, where they share invites and updates.

The Role of Pain Points in Niche Selection

They then moved on to answering questions from the audience. Mike shared his thoughts on whether niche cleaning companies should differentiate themselves based on location or business type. He emphasized that pain points are generally based on the industry, not the location. So, if you’ve identified pain points for your clients, they will likely be similar regardless of the area.

Pricing and Inflation in the Cleaning Business

The discussion shifted to the impact of inflation on pricing in the cleaning business. Mike explained how they have a system for reviewing and adjusting prices based on market conditions and inflation. He recommended regular price reviews and adjustments, particularly during inflationary periods.

Expanding to Different Niches

Another question was about whether to focus on a single niche or expand to other related niches. Mike suggested that it’s fine to attract clients from different niches as long as they are people you want to serve, and you can meet their needs.

Making the Decision to Go All In

A crucial question revolved around the decision to leave a day job and go all in on a cleaning business. Mike emphasized that you should first determine whether you are an entrepreneur or a worker. Entrepreneurs are more likely to take the leap, and he advised betting on yourself. He also noted that going all in often leads to significant growth in a business.


The podcast covered various topics and provided valuable insights for cleaning company owners and entrepreneurs. If you found this summary helpful, be sure to check out their podcast for more in-depth discussions and advice on growing your cleaning business. Making the leap from a day job to full-time entrepreneurship can be a daunting decision, but with the right mindset and a clear understanding of your identity as an entrepreneur or a worker, you can navigate this journey successfully.
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