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Episode 647

Millionaire Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset: Episode 647


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Episode 647 – Millionaire Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

Hello Cleaning Nation! I am Lindsay Bjorklund, the client happiness manager here at Grow My Cleaning Company and today I am here with Tracey Thompson. She is our mindset ninja at Grow My Cleaning Company and is going to share her tips on how to get a millionaire mindset.

How We End Up with a Scarcity Mindset

We all want to believe that we have a millionaire mindset and in some aspect you probably do. But what about the areas that you don’t have a millionaire mindset in? Most of the time we don’t even realize that our mindset may still be lacking. The top place we are seeing this come out is in the hiring process. Lately we have been hearing that people are struggling with hiring because people are getting paid to stay home. Using this example, how do we change the mindset? Mindset is really about what we make observations mean. A lot of time we will take something we see and turn it into large blanket statements to excuse us from doing it. Generalizations are a dangerous thing. These generalizations and blanket statements can shut down the creative side of our mind that will help solve the issues you are dealing with. This is what brings you to a scarcity mindset. The minute we allow that scarcity mindset to take over we shut down.

How to Escape the Scarcity Mindset

When you find yourself making up excuses and dwelling on what challenge you are facing, ask yourself if the excuses are helping you solve the problem. More times than not you are probably going to find yourself saying no. Being aware of when you are starting to tell yourself negative stories is the number one step because when you are aware, you can change the story. Then ask yourself if what you are telling is true for everyone, all the time. If the answer is no, you KNOW you are sitting in a scarcity mindset. From here you need to challenge that thought and actively pull yourself out. You do this by asking yourself what your ideal story would be. If you don’t do this you will end up stuck in that scarcity mindset. Your mind wants to prove you right. What this means is if you are thinking a negative thought your mind is going to want to find proof to back yourself up. If we use the example of hiring that we did before, do you want to get more employees or do you want to get none? If the answer is more, start telling yourself a positive story. Your brain will start to look for opportunities to make that happen.

Tactical Steps to Take

Tracey’s top tactical tip to help you get out of the scarcity mindset is to write it down. Get a piece of paper and draw a line right down the middle. On one side of the paper write down the scarcity mindset stories. Then ask yourself if the story is really true. If it isn’t, rewrite the story into a millionaire mindset story. Even if you don’t believe it at first it will help you get out of the scarcity mindset.

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