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Episode 599

Millionaire Mindset for 2021: Episode 599


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Episode 599 – Millionaire Mindset for 2021

I started like everyone thinking I needed to know WHAT to do, but the reality was I needed to know how to think. I thought I was smart and if I just had an opportunity, I could succeed. I tried to learn how to market, hire, and invest and couldn’t find the “secret”. It turns out I wasn’t missing a skill, I was lacking a strong mindset. A huge part of business that a lot people seem to miss is mindset. Your mindset can determine how your business succeeds or fails. I tried to learn how to market, hire, invest and couldn’t find the magic pill”. My own pride got in the way. I kept hearing successful people TELL me it’s about mindset, but I thought I knew better. I kept telling myself it was all decision making. I was risking everything on that false belief. I didn’t realize just how far it was setting me back in my success. It finally became crystal clear once I started coaching others. I could give them steps to good decision making and skills that will push their business forward but they didn’t have the right mindset too. Seeing all of this, my goal was to get others to have the realization that I had. So, I am going to share my framework on how to reach the correct mindset for success. You need to put a plan together. Break your goals down so they seem to be reachable. When we don’t have goals or put goals down that we feel we can not reach it will hurt our mindset. By doing this I finally began to reach my goals and I got to be the “human guinea pig” so I could teach you all of the secrets.

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