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Episode 554

Million Dollar Sales Training for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 554: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 554 – Million Dollar Sales Training for Your Cleaning Company w/ Jim Padilla

Today we are going to talk about how to do sales training for your cleaning company. Training people is hard, not to mention training them to do sales. It’s hard when you don’t have the skills and knowledge to do so. That is why we are lucky to have an expert here with us to share his knowledge. Today we have an amazing guest, Jim Padilla.

Why Should YOU Train on Sales?

Mike: One is to make you a better sales person. Because it’s really hard to train other sales people if you suck at doing sales yourself. Contrary to popular belief that, if you don’t know how to do it you can just pay someone else. It doesn’t work that way. You can certainly hire an expert to do the training for you, but you wanna have some idea about it. You don’t have to be an expert, but you need to have some skills.

And two, we actually use Jim and his team to help all of our enrollment coaches. So we know him, we know he’s an expert, and we know that he’s training works.

A Core Values Match is Important:

Mike: Like we always remind you, hire people who match up with your core values. If you don’t have the same core values, you will clash. Even if you’re like me and Jim, I constantly get fired up about everything, and Jim on the other hand, is always super mellow. We work well together! People that may seem a lot different, but have the same values, can work together.

But What if I Don’t “Do Sales”?

Jim: The first thing is, you have to recognize the fact that you have been selling all your life. You sell every single day and you have been since you were a child.

We are wired for it. When you get something, or you got someone to marry you, or get your kids to take out the trash, or if you got a friend to go watch the movie that you saw, or go out to this great restaurant- this is all sales. All these things that you do naturally, is part of sales. We are naturally creatures of persuasion and influence. We do it everywhere!

But somehow when we get into a sales conversation, we put on this hat that feels like it doesn’t fit right and we think we have to be something, instead of just doing what you naturally do. Once you let go of this hat and don’t pressure yourself and just do it naturally, then you will be able to sell.

All we’re trying to do is pack all of the stuff that you’ve been learning and forcing yourself into, and then we pull all that away so the only thinking left is YOU. And when you’re being your natural, persuasive self, you’re selling something that you believe in!

That is what we try to teach. That is the concept of “making more sales without getting better in selling”. And the main focus of that is 90% of the sales is just doing what comes naturally. 10% of it is nailing down some skill sets that are going to get you over the hunt. It is a training that you can duplicate like a script to your team.

Mike: So, instead of selling, you just need to be yourself and everyone will be attracted to you.

Get Better at Sales Without Getting Better at Selling:

Jim: Tell the truth unapologetically all the time!
The first step here is you have to tell the truth to yourself first. You need to be able to say, “You know what? I am a solution that these people need. I know I can change the game for their business, for their home, for their family. I can help change and impact the world they live in because of how I show up and what I do. They need what I have.” You have to sell yourself on that. That is the truth.
It’s got to do with connecting with somebody and helping them see that they need a solution that you have or their problem is going to continue.

Mike: It is all based on you being under the influence of the moment, you believing that truth. Because your energy is going to reflect that, and that’s what people are buying. They’re going to buy your energy and your belief far earlier than they are ever going buy your product. So you have to show up as that person. And then you have to be willing to tell people the truth.

Jim: Moving forward. To be able to make more sales without getting better at selling, is understanding what’s at stake. If you know what’s at stake for them, meaning, if they don’t fix this problem their business can go under. Make sure that’s part of your sales process. Let them know that you know their problem and what’s at stake. Speak with certainty and clarity.

In Closing:

Jim: Stop prospecting for clients and start prospecting for partners. For example, if you want water you can go find a water dowser. Then drill a hole build a well, build the plumbing, pump it out and hope you get some water. Or you can find somebody who’s already built the well and show up with the glass. That’s how I run my business. That’s how I’ve built millions of dollars of business. That is how people show up already predisposed and wanting to buy from me, which then takes away the necessity for you to be a badass sales expert.

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