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Episode 012

Million Dollar Cleaning Business : Episode 012: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 012 – Your Million Dollar Cleaning Business

Your Million Dollar Cleaning Business
Listen in as Rich shares his secrets to building an EIGHT million dollar cleaning business
For many, a million dollar cleaning business sounds like a pipe dream, but Rich Lyons in Phoenix is living that dream. Hear his story of starting off with nothing, taking a job as a cleaner- contracting out all of his labor, giving Christmas hugs, building relationships and how all of that turned into his million dollar cleaning business.

I have had the pleasure of calling Rich Lyons a personal friend for over a decade now and I have gotten to see firsthand how this rockstar built his AMAZING cleaning business that currently provides gainful employment to hundreds of employees and serves businesses across the greater Phoenix area.

Long story short, there is no way I am not going to interview this guy on how to build a profitable cleaning business that makes him money even when he isn’t there…

We talk about:

Building relationships
Knowing when to hold your tongue
What Core Values have to do with a million dollar cleaning business
Rich’s BIGGEST mistake
How to build a team
What property managers love
When NOT to take an account
How and when to hire an operations manager
My longtime buddy takes time out from drinking and laying on the beach with family to share his secrets of a million dollar cleaning company with you!

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