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Episode 016

Mileage Pay for Cleaning Employees: Episode 016: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 016 – Mileage Pay for Cleaning Employees

Mileage Pay for Cleaning Employees
If you own a cleaning company and have employees- you have dealt with mileage pay at some time or another.
Should you provide mileage pay for your employees? Company cars? Pay for gas? Maintenance on their cars? Listen in and find out…

Here are some snippets of genius from today’s episode…

Lack of clairty is going to set you up for problems with employee transportation and compensation
Learn a simple and fair system for drivetime compensation
Managing a fleet of cars for your employees is another full time job
You’re only as good as your help
Insurance is NOT optional in the Cleaning Industry
Are you having a hard time managing, maintaining and paying for company vehicles? How about keeping your employees happy when it comes to paying for driving between accounts?

Today Mike coaches Regina from Perfection Cleaning Services of Tampa on setting expectations around travel and maintenance costs for employees of cleaning companies.

Today’s guest is Bregina Jordan from Perfection Cleaning Services of Tampa. Bregina woke up one day a single parent of 3 with no time to keep her house neat and tidy. Disappointed with the cleaning services she tried hiring, Bregina saw a need for a Tampa area, family owned cleaning business that cared about their clients. Perfection Cleaning Services of Tampa and a perfect podcast guest was born!

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Current Mileage Rates per the good ole IRS- IRS Employee Mileage Standards

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