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Episode 473

Michelle Gets OUT of Cleaning Forever & RUNS Her Cleaning Company: Episode 473: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 473 – Michelle Gets OUT of Cleaning Forever & RUNS Her Cleaning Company

Today, Mike introduces special guest Michelle Krueger who recently graduated from the Grow My Cleaning Company program.  Michelle shares how the program helped her stop cleaning forever and started growing her business.

Finding Grow My Cleaning Company

Michelle starts by sharing how she found Mike and Grow My Cleaning Company. “In April 2019, I just happened to find you online,” Michelle explains. “I was 12 years in business, and was thinking of selling half of my business.  I was growing and afraid of getting burned. Everything Mike said seemed so common sense, and I thought – why didn’t I think of doing something like this sooner!”

So a few days later Michelle found herself enrolled and started the program. “It was really hard!, Michelle laughed. “It required a lot of focus.  I jumped around a lot, I looked for what I needed at the time. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn. Mike said to just be dumb enough to trust, and I wasn’t.  I thought after 12 years II knew it all! I’m growing, I know what I need to do! It is what it is and I’m still going back to the modules and STILL learning.” 

Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone

Mike asks Michelle what the hardest part was.  Michelle explains that getting out of her comfort zone was the hardest part!  Appearing on this Facebook Live is definitely stepping out of her comfort zone!  Then, just stopping herself and kicking herself in the butt for not realizing that there could have been an easier way to do things.  Mike explains that Mindset is such a huge part of growth – changing your mindset is key!

Where Michelle is Today

Michelle is just about dead even with where she was before she started the program.  Mike laughs, “So why have Michelle as a special guest?” Because Michelle’s not cleaning anymore!!!  She’s not working 12 hours a day cleaning and then having to go home at night and to work on the business, or spend her weekends working on the business.  Now she has people do all of that for her! Michelle said, “The first week I didn’t have to go to work and clean and I felt lost!”

Mike says that the reality is before you can really grow, you’ve got to stop cleaning.  Get systems in place so that you can focus on the business and not clean, and only then can you really put your time and energy in growth.

What Michelle Changed

So what did Michelle do?  Michelle said there were two huge tactical things that she could NEVER go back to doing the way she did before.  First, the group interviews. Doing those were a HUGE time saver! The other big change was monthly invoicing – that was another HUGE time saver!!  Mentally, the biggest thing was getting over the thought that my business would fail if I wasn’t out there in the field. The other thing was not realizing how much room for growth there really was!  How many more things there were to actually learn! These things have completely transformed Michelle’s business AND life!

If you enjoyed learning about how Michelle got out of cleaning forever and would like to watch this video and others like it, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and would like to watch our free informative webinar, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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